Physical Appearance, How Does It Effect Our Self-Esteem
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Personal Trainer In Dubai Kieran Francis
Physical Appearance & Self-Esteem Problems - Q & A Session With Dubai Personal Trainer - Kieran Francis

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Children’s Health

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Kieran Francis

How do you feel about your physical appearance and does it cause problems with self-esteem in the UAE

While many people are quite happy with the way they look and feel there are many others in Dubai & Abu Dhabi who suffer from low self-esteem because of their physical appearance.

  • While many people are quite happy with the way they look and feel there are many others who suffer from low self-esteem because of their physical appearance? Do you think this issue is on the rise and is this possibly related to popular culture, the media etc?

    There is a lot of research in the field of psychology looking at how modern media and culture influences self-image. With the media glorifying and presenting more and more unrealistic ideals, many people have body image issues.

    For example female runway models’ waist size/BMI is getting smaller and smaller over time (so that clothes look better on them on the runway) and thus women think this unrealistic and unhealthy body type is the ideal.

    This extreme low weight (anorexia) can lead to several issues from reproductive issues, mood affects, and bulimia and in the worst case death.


    Men too…


    We see similar things in men, although not as dangerous, where from a young age kids see all there superheroes as big and strong – this can possibility attribute to another disorder that is more prevalent in men than anorexia, called muscle dismorphia.

    This is where the sufferer thinks he is much smaller than he actually is and continually strives to put on more muscle mass. This can lead to making unhealthy choices to fulfil these desires.

  • Many people suffer from low self-esteem because of modern society’s view of what is deemed as ‘looking’ fit and healthy. Although we should never judge people on how they look can this modern view also have a positive effect – for example does it encourage people to take more exercise, lose weight and get fitter in general?

    Overall, having people strive for these healthy and ‘fit’ looks is a good thing, as we see that our societies are getting more and more unhealthy.

    However due to the unrealistic ideals, a lot of people feel unmotivated when they can’t reach the goals of the people gracing the covers of fitness magazines and online.

  • A particular demographic who suffer from low self-esteem are people who are overweight? Sometimes it can be a downward spiral because they feel unhappy about the way they look but are too embarrassed to get help and also use food for comfort. As a professional personal trainer in Dubai what advice can you give?

    You just have to remember that everybody starts somewhere! People won’t judge you for trying to better yourself, only encourage you!

    Having a personal trainer there will make it a lot less overwhelming and a lot safer.UAE Personal Trainers - Weight Loss, Diet & Nutrtion in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah

  • People who are fit and healthy are more likely to stick to an exercise regime than those who are unfit, overweight and generally less energetic. How does a personal trainer ensure their clients stay motivated which in turn can help the client with personal appearance issues?

    If you don’t exercise it becomes a vicious cycle of reduced energy leading to less exercise which further reduces your energy.

    You need to find your way to break free of this, whether it be exercising first thing in the morning, having a big coffee before working out or just taking a cold shower to get you ready.

    Investing in a personal trainer makes you more committed to being there on time to train, no matter how you feel.

  • For parents in the UAE who worry that their children are falling into the low self-esteem trap what advice would you give?

    Get them doing good habits from early on: health foods, team sports and a general active lifestyle.

    Habits learned early on will stick, and surrounding yourself with people and environment that lends to fitness will help.

Professional Personal Trainer In Dubai - Kieran Francis

Dubai personal trainer Kieran Francis has experience in many areas of personal training including boxing, general fitness for male and female clients, kick boxing, senior fitness training, weight loss, nutrition and more..

You can view Kieran’s full Dubai personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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