How Can You Lose Weight Quickly & Safely In Duabi & Abu Dhabi?
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Female Fitness Personal Trainer Dubai - Lenie Geisshirt
Crash dieting isn't the best way to lose weight fast. There are safer alternatives as discussed with Duabi female PT Lenie.

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Diet & Weight Loss

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Lenie

Want to lose some weight fast in the UAE? If you follow some simple rules and exercise regularly you'll be suprised how much weight you can 'safely' lose

Weight loss and dieting is one of most popular reasons that people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi turn to fitness and exercise.

Many people want to lose as much weight as they can in a short time.

Although most professionals would agree that ‘rapid’ weight loss through crash dieting and diet pills are not the best options there are other ways to lose weight quickly and safely.

Diet and good exercise plans are the key.

  • It’s often said that crash diets, weight loss pills and the like are not great ways to lose weight in the long run and can also be dangerous. Are there any quick ways to lose weight which are also healthy?

    Try to Be mindful of the portion size of what you eat and introduce more healthy fats (avocado , nuts) into your diet as these helps you curb hunger and make you feel more full between meal times.

  • In the UAE, just like other locations people often want to shed some weight before an event, a wedding or other function for example. Much of the time they have an unrealistic time-frame so what would your advice, as a personal trainer who can help with weight loss be regarding preparation and being more realistic about how much weight someone can lose in a short time period?

    The average rate for weight loss is different from one person to another. Weight loss is affected by your metabolism, your fitness levels and many other things.

    Cutting down on your intake of bad carbs in your daily food intake helps with regulating your insulin level which is also responsible for most weight gain.

    It’s important to watch what you eat and when.

    A personal trainer in the UAE with diet and nutrition experience can provide tailor-made diet plans based on your current weight and your target weight goals.

  • Can fast (or rapid) weight loss be achieved with diet alone in the UAE?


    Yes but not advisable to do so as this can be harmful and even fatal. Rapid weight loss without some form of exercise plan is simlar to a crash diet which is not good for your body and can result in gaining even more weight in the long-run.

    You should always try to incorporate a weight-loss plan which includes not only healthy eating but also exercise – you will lose weight safely while adding an element of daily fitness to your lifestyle.

  • There are plenty of exercise types and techniques which are designed to get us fit and healthy – CrossFit, HIIT, Bootcamp to name but a few. In your experience as a personal trainer what methods do you think work best for weight loss?

    Any type of exercise will benefit you with weight loss.

    Cardio exercises are good but strength training is far more effective as this helps you retain the muscle you already have and it has higher level of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption than cardio or any aerobic exercise.

    Meaning… you’re still burning fat even after your training.

  • What are your ‘top tips’ for anyone who is looking a different ways to lose weight fast?

    Start with setting a reasonable and attainable weight loss goal and be realistic.

    Start to eat healthy (eat only when your hungry) and engage yourself to do regular exercise in any sports that you love.

    If you can afford to hire a personal trainer in the UAE do so because he or she can help you and guide you to safer weight loss.

Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Training Specialist In Dubai - Lenie Geisshirt

Originally from Denmark Lenie now works with Revolution Fitness in Dubai.

She is a specialist when it comes to weight loss and nutrition and also provides ‘Zumba’ personal training which can help you lose weight in a fun, fast paced dance fitness class.

You can view Lenie’s full UAE personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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