If you're a bodybuilder in the UAE can you still get good gains on a vegetarian based diet?
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UAE Personal Trainers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi For Muscle Building Training
If you're a vegetarian in the UAE and want to do more bodybuilding can you really get the protein you need for good muscle gain?

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What protein sources can a vegetarian eat in order to gain muscle mass?

For its health benefits the vegetarian diet is now more popular than ever but the debate about being vegetarian and a successful bodybuilder continues.

Can you really get as much protein and other muscle building nutrition from a vegetarian diet?

We asked a professional personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for tips on bodybuilding for vegetarians.

  • A strictly vegetarian diet is more popular than ever but many people who do (or want to do) Bodybuilding as part of their training in the UAE are still under the impression that you have to consume large amounts of animal proteins and products in order to see results. As a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi what are your thoughts on bodybuilding for strict vegetarians?

    Bodybuilders need to consume a large amount of protein but that does not mean they have to consume animal protein.

    Nowadays there are a wide range of products in the market for veg proteins sources as Quinoa, Buckwheat, Soy, Quorn, Beans, Ezekiel Bread, Seitan, and so many others.

    As a vegetarian you can also find vegetarian supplements in the UAE supplement stores in most malls and high streets.

  • Protein is an extremely important part of the muscle building process but does this protein have to come from animals sources or are there alternative plant based proteins that work just as well?

    Yes protein is an extremely important part but there is no need for this to come for animals sources, it’s all about the amount consumed per meal.

  • Calories are also important for the bodybuilder in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Does a vegetarian diet provide sufficient calories and what foods are the best when it comes to calorie intake?

    Good quality calories are one of the pillars of the BodyBuilding process.

    Vegetarians can find the best food for that calorie intake as Sweet Potato (really important for a bodybuilding diet), Brown rise, oats, brocolli, Asparagus as many others.

  • Do you think that vegetarian bodybuilders would need to eat more than their meat eating counterparts and do they need to eat more regulary?

    Bodybuilders need to eat every 2/3 hours, then the meals calories/proteins will depend on what phase the bodybuilder they are going through.

    If they are bulking they will need to consume proteins in all meals as calories as well minimum 5 meals with calories/proteins, if they are in lean phase that will change drastically for 2 or 3 meals with calories (sweet potato/rise) and proteins the other meals only vegetables and proteins source.

  • Based on diet and training do you think it would take longer for someone who is vegetarian to see results from their bodybuilding training in the UAE and if so why?

    Bodybuilding is NOT a fast results achievement sport, it will always take time whether vegetarian or not, its all about consistence.

    Vegetarians can archive the same goals at the same time, in the diet part of a bodybuilder its all about the amount of proteins and calories consumed and a vegetarian can consume the same amount per meal as a non-vegetarian.

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If you want to build muscle you need the right advice about your diet. A professional personal trainer with both muscle building experience and nutrition knowledge is key when it comes to becoming a successful bodybuilder in the UAE.

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