Why you should be doing more cardio exercise as part of your fitness regime in Abu Dhabi
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Cardio - Why you should be doing more in the UAE

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How much cardio do you do in Abu Dhabi and how much should you be doing?

Most exercise routines, including personal training plans and gym classes do use some form of cardio exercise.

For instance, cardio forms the basis for many HIIT routines etc.

However, if you spend most of your time pumping iron just to get bigger here are some reasons why you might want to add more cardio to your workouts in the UAE.

  • As a personal trainer who is specialised in cardio fitness what would you say are the top 5 benefits of doing cardio and why do you think each is important?

    1. Increased Metabolism 

    One of the main reasons to perform cardio is effects on metabolism and metabolic rate, ultimately you want to increase your heart rate.

    Cardiovascular exercises are the key in maintaining or losing weight which consequently leaves you feeling fitter and therefore healthier.


    1. Improved Hormonal Profile 

    Equally important to feeling great, performing cardiovascular exercise can also change the hormonal profile in your body considerably.

    Doing any form of cardio exercise releases “feel good” hormones that can ease symptoms of fatigue, stress and also depression in Abu Dhabi.


    3. Aids Sleep

    If you have trouble sleeping at night give cardio a try during the day. However, not too close to bedtime.

    Besides, studies have shown that doing cardio based exercise helps with better sleeping quality and ultimately wakefulness during the day.


    1. Management of Diabetes 

    For those of you who have diabetes, cardio can help manage this condition.

    People who exercise regularly tend to have better control of their blood sugars and increase their muscle ability to utilize glucose.


    1. Affordable and Accessible 

    The great thing about adding more cardio exercise to your daily fitness program in Abu Dhabi is you don’t need fancy equipment to work out.

    As an example. Getting daily exercise can be easy as going for a jog with a friend. Or, hiking on a local trail, a speed walk around your neighborhood etc.

    In addition to the great health benefits you get from cardio you’ll be training in the fresh air which is definitely beneficial!

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