During the Holy month, is there a best time to train in the UAE?
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Nutrition expert and personal trainer in Abu Dhabi - Uros
Training and exercising during Ramadan. Personal trainer tips and advice

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: General Fitness

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Uros Petrovic

Why you need to know the best times to train while fasting in the UAE

If you are fasting in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah during Ramadan you will appreciate that your regular training schedule can be difficult to maintain. You might have less energy and less enthusiasm when it comes to training during Ramadan.

We asked a professional personal trainer from Abu Dhabi for his thoughts on the best times to train during the Holy month.

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  • During the Holy month you don’t need to stop training (exercising) but taking some sensible precautions can of course help. Fasting can lead to a lack of energy so what time(s) do you think is best to train to maximize results without feeling too exhausted?


    Best time to train during Ramadan can be 1 hour before breaking your fast.


    Generally good for a low intensity workout rather than HIIT or weight training. Your carbohydrate levels will be very low at this time so you won’t have as much energy as you normally would, however it’s a more sociable hour.

    Major downside is you can’t drink water during your workout so make sure you get plenty of fluids in the moment you break your fast.


    Exercise after your evening meal is reasonable option


    It’s never easy exercising on a full stomach but during the fast, after food seems the most logical time to get a routine in.

    As you are only exercising two or three times a week, on those days, you may want to eat a little to refuel your body, being sure to drink enough water to re-hydrate yourself and then break your meal to do the exercise.

    That way, you will have more energy for the workout, but still have the opportunity to return to the meal.

Abu Dhabi Mobile Personal Training - Uros Petrovic

Uros Petrovic is a home based personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who works with Advantage Sports UAE. He is an expert when it comes to general fitness and can design specialist training plans for teenagers and children in Abu Dhabi.

You can view Uros’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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