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The Les Mills Method - Body Pump Training Question & Answers

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Burn some fat, lose some weight and tone-up those difficult areas. The Les Mills Body Pump method includes many different ways to improve your workouts.

Body Pump training in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah is a popular barbell based workout – the most popular of these is probably the Les Mills method. But, what is the Les Mills BodyPump training method and how can it help you you? Abu Dhabi based Professional Les Mills personal trainer & instructor in Matt Spooner answers some of the more popular questions below.

  • I’ve heard people mention the Les Mills BodyPump method of training; can you shed some more light on what it is?

    Body Pump is a barbell based workout in which participants are able to work their full body to exhaustion. Les Mills utilise the ‘rep effect’ for Body Pump workouts, with approximately 800 repetitions of various exercises performed using low to medium weights. Participants will perform both compound and isolation exercises during a class at different tempos throughout, in order to try and target all muscle fiber types.

    Les Mills BodyPump personal training in the UAE

  • Is the Les Mills BodyPump training method only suitable for group gym based classes in the UAE or can this be used as a ‘personal training’ exercise technique?

    Due to the beneficial exercises included in the Body Pump classes, for example deadlifts, bench press and squats, exercises involved can be incorporated into 1 to 1 personal training sessions. In addition, dependent on the client’s goals, the ‘rep effect’ utilised by Les Mills for the Body Pump can also be implemented into personal training sessions.

  • What kind of fitness equipment is used for Les Mills BodyPump (if any)?


    Body Pump is described by Les Mills as ‘the ultimate barbell workout’. Equipment used includes barbells, additional plates, a step and the participant’s own body weight.

  • I’ve been told that this is a great way to burn calories and lose some weight, is this true? Also, are there any specific areas of the body that really benefit from Les Mills BodyPump, for example the abs, biceps or chest?

    In a nutshell yes, Body Pump is an effective way to burn a lot of calories in a short space of time and therefore great for fat/weight loss. The amount of calories burned will be dependent on the weights the participant uses and how far they are willing to push themselves. A typical 60 minute Body Pump class targets the whole body. Each body part is targeted separately for each track. For example, track 1 will be used for the warm up, track 2 will be a squat track targeting the legs, track 3 will be a chest track etc…

  • Does the Les Mills BodyPump method require commitment for a long period or can I mix it up a bit with other exercise types?

    Body Pump can be incorporated into an individual’s own training program alongside other methods of training.

  • As a professional Les Mills BodyPump personal trainer do you think this method of fitness training is suitable for all ages?

    les-mills-bodypump-qanda-uae-personal-trainers-image1In my opinion, and I’m sure others will agree and disagree with this, I wouldn’t recommend Body Pump to anyone under the age of 16, purely due to the complex nature of some of the exercises involved, for instance deadlifts and squats, as there won’t be additional instructors there to monitor posture and technique. With that said, regardless of age, I deem it necessary to get technique of these complex movements assessed prior to taking part in a Body Pump class in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in order to prevent injury.

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