No Weights, No Fitness Machines - Your Body Is All You Need For Bodyweight Training
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Bodyweight Exercises - Using Your Own Body As Your Strength Building Fitness Kit

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Bodyweight exercises - an all round fitness technique for building strength, stamina and improving your body tone.

So what is Bodyweight Training and what benefit can it provide to your personal fitness regime? This Q&A session with a female personal trainer in Dubai provides answers to some commonly asked questions.

  • What is Bodyweight Training?

    Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises that do not require free weights or machines; the individual’s own weight provides the resistance for the movement.

    Movements such as the push-up, the pull-up, and the sit-up are some of the most common bodyweight exercises.

  • Bodyweight fitness (exercise) uses the ‘body’s weight’ as the fitness resistance tool. Does this mean it is only suitable for muscle and strength building?

    No.  Bodyweight fitness is a great workout for building muscle and strength, but also great workout for improving core strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and can be a great cardio workout for burning fat.

  • Is Bodyweight training a suitable form of exercise/training for the elderly? If so what kind of benefits does this provide?

    Yes.  Bodyweight exercises have be shown to benefit not just the young, but the elderly as well.  Most bodyweight exercises can be progressed or regressed to match the individual’s abilities.  This progression/regression strategy allows people of nearly all levels of fitness to participate.

    As you age the chances of developing a medical condition increase.  Many medical conditions are improved with performing exercise, including Alzheimer’s, and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity.

  • Can you provide some examples of Bodyweight exercises and explain which parts of the body they benefit?

    Push-up – Upper body.  The push-up targets the chest, shoulders, and the triceps.  This exercise also engages unexpected muscles from the abdominal core to the lower back as well.

    Sit-up – Abdominal area.  They target the hip flexors, rectus abdominus, iliopsoas, tensor fasciae latae, rectus femoris, Sartorius, and to a very small degree, the oblique’s.

    Pull-up – Upper body.  There is no other exercise that will make your upper body grow quite like pull-ups.  They target the back and biceps.


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  • Can Bodyweight training be incorporated into other fitness training regimes, for example with cardio based HIIT training?

    Yes.  There are a number of exercises you can choose from and make a good cardio workout.  Pick 4-5 exercises and create a circuit, for example, push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, high knees, squats.

    Do each exercise for 20 seconds at a fast pace with a 20 second rest between each exercise and try and complete the circuit 3-5 times, resting for 1 minute in between circuits.

  • I am over-weight, does this mean will I have difficulty performing Bodyweight exercises.

    No.  The good thing about bodyweight training is that there are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do with no difficulty at all.

At Home Personal Trainers In Dubai For Body Toning

Using your own bodyweight for body toning in the UAE is fairly easy. With the right advice and support from a body toning personal trainer you will be surprised how quick you can get the body you want.

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