BootCamp - High Intensity Training To Lose Weight & Get Fit Fast
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UAE Personal Trainers - Bootcamp & Circuit Training In Abu Dhabi
An intense but enjoyable workout - Boot Camp training in the UAE

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If you are looking for a fast paced, fun and energetic workout routine BootCamp training in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is right for you

Bootcamp training isn’t just for the super fit. You can start bootcamp workouts even if you are new to fitness and exercise. Bootcamps are high intensity training – you’ll never get bored and you will be suprised how fast your fitness and stamina levels increase.

  • As a personal trainer who provides Boot Camp training can you describe what Boot Camp is in Abu Dhabi?

    Boot Camp training Classes always starts with dynamic stretching and running In order to prepare the body for the intense and psychical demands it will be put through during the hour session, which also prevents injury.

    This is then followed by a wide variety of interval training, designed to safely take the body out of its comfort zone by performing movements which include lifting weights/objects, pulling TRX Straps, push ups/sit ups, plyometric, and various types of intense explosive routines.

    Sessions will usually finish with a yoga style of stretching, Many other exercises using weights or body weight similar to CrossFit routines, are used to lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength and help people get into a routine of regular exercise.

  • Is Boot Camp Training tailored to specific workouts, for example aerobics or are they all designed to provide an all-over body workout for strength, cardio & endurance?

    Typically a Military Boot Camp class in Abu Dhabi is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of group or individuals intervals over a 1 hour period.  The variety within these workouts, whether you’re doing bodyweight exercises, pushes, pulls, carries, partner work or explosive routines will only result in you becoming much fitter, faster and stronger. This training will not only improve your psychical strength but also you’re mental meaning that the benefits to this style of training go far beyond just aerobic.


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  • Boot Camp is often seen as a military drill style workout which is high intensity and fast paced. Because of this do you think Boot Camp is too much for those with little exercise/fitness experience in Abu Dhabi or can classes be tailored for beginners/groups of beginners?

    Absolutely not, everybody has to start somewhere and most bootcamp training providers in the UAE  now run a foundations course for beginners or taster days just so you are aware of the movements and techniques required prior to training.

    If this is not the case then my advice would be to meet the class coach prior to training and explain you’re a beginner which will allow you to still participate but safely at your own pace.

    It is true that military boot camp can be high intensity however the key elements and what make them so successful is that they are fun and based around team work and meeting new people who have also been in the same position as you when originally starting off.

    So my advice as a bootcamp personal trainer would be to just give it a try and see if it is for you, you have nothing to lose and just enjoy the process.

  • Boot Camp can be good for weight loss but in general how many sessions of Boot Camp per week would be ideal for someone trying to lose weight ‘quickly’ but safely in Abu Dhabi?

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    It all depends on the individual, their age, current fitness levels, previous training history or any old injuries etc. My advice is always start slow and enjoy the process of progressively working towards your own individual goals as supposed to rushing it. Going too hard too soon can lead to injuries at the early stages of a new program. At the end of the day you are looking for a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix.

    On the other hand if you’re already regularly training in the gym but just looking to switch your style of training to a more high intensity boot camp workout out then I’d say start at three times per week. One day training and one day recovery, see how your body reacts initially and progress from there as you see appropriate.

  • Would you say there are any restrictions on age or physical ability when considering Boot Camp as a training option (for example seniors or those who are very over-weight)?

    No. There may be other serious health restrictions from participating in boot camps but age and a beginner level of fitness isn’t one of them.


    Yes the movements can be new and initially feel unnatural but learning new things from experienced coaches and continuously improving your performance is what makes it fun and will only result in you attending more regularly than you initially set out to do and therefore getting the results you want.


    For every session there is a full lesson plan that is tailored for a very wide variety of fitness levels. For every exercise that is asked to be performed within the workouts there will be at least 3 to 4 scaling options of that particular movement to allow you to keep moving, and working for the full hour.

  • As a Boot Camp Personal Trainer in the UAE can you summarise how Boot Camp benefits a person’s health and fitness and also how Boot Camp delivers results.

    Firstly, outdoor physical activity with like-minded people has been proven to have a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health and gaining faster results than training indoors in the gym alone.


    Fun, friendships, motivation and consistency are what makes the boot camps deliver so many great results in the UAE. You will find yourself looking forward to seeing your new training buddies and being surrounded by positive people and start to progressively look forward to training.


    Having fun, laughing, being made to feel extremely welcome, being encouraged and feeding off others people energy at the boot camps instead of watching the clock on the treadmill at the gym not are not specific to your goals.

BootCamp personal training and classes in the UAE

BootCamp personal training in the UAE is suitable for all ages when under the guidance of a professional BootCamp coach. Designed to get your pulse racing and shed the fat BootCamp training is a fun, HIIT workout.

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