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Is there any benefit to choosing a male PT over a female PT or vice versa in the UAE?

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Jennifer Chalke

Apart from the cultural aspect is there really any benefit to choosing one personal trainer gender over another?

In the UAE there are many personal trainers to choose from who offer a wide variety of health, fitness and lifestyle training plans. Have you ever wondered why some people choose a female trainer instead of a male trainer or vice versa?

  • When choosing a personal trainer in the UAE people will have the choice of a male or female personal trainer. As a professional PT in Abu Dhabi do you think gender matters when it comes to personal training and what are the main reasons for choosing one gender over another?

    With regard to; physical training, knowledge, qualifications, experience, professionalism and expertise I do not believe that gender influences a PT’s ability. However, I do believe that in order for an individual to get optimal results they need to feel relaxed and at ease and be comfortable with the training environment, and this comes down to personal preference.


    Some individuals may feel they train better in a strict regimented environment whereas others may prefer a more gentile and familiar environment. Again some may not wish to be familiar or social with their trainer and to have a structured tutorial relationship where as others may find they are more motivated to train if their sessions are complimented with a social aspect.


    In my opinion the above preferences do relay to gender choices, a male client may feel they can relate, converse and relax more easily with a male trainer and vice versa. Both approaches can be offered equally well by both genders to all clients.

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    Personal Training in the UAE has an additional cultural aspect. It may be deemed inappropriate for a female of a certain culture to be trained by a male PT.


    In my opinion the most important thing to consider when choosing a training is how you communicate and relate with each other. To achieve the best results the client needs to be motivated to train and comfortable with the training environment and the trainer. This may not depend on gender and might be more related to choosing a trainer with the best suited; cultural background, language skills, training experience, age demographic.


    To surmise I do not think gender is a primary concern when choosing a PT in Abu Dhabi (or elsewhere), unless for cultural reasons it would be deemed inappropriate for you to train with either a male or female PT.

Jen Chalke - Personal Fitness & Zumba Personal Trainer - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer Jen is an all-round fitness expert and has achieved a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training and Level 2 Gym Instructor. Jen can provide personal and group fitness training to clients of all ages and abilites. Her key strengths include personal training for sports and group exercise including Zumba, body combat for fitness and circuit training.

You can view Jen’s full Abu Dhabi, UAE personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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