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UAE CrossFit - High Intensity Training For Beginners

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CrossFit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah - a great way to get fit and stay in shape for all ages and abilities

If you’ve ever seen a CrossFit workout you might immediately think it’s not for you. Too energetic, too hard! Think again. In this Q&A session with an Abu Dhabi CrossFit personal trainer we discuss why CrossFit is also a great exercise and training method for beginners too.

  • I’ve heard people talking about CrossFit training but can you give a breakdown of what it is from a personal trainers point of view and what exercise methods CrossFit uses?

    CrossFit is a holistic approach to exercise and fitness. It is constantly varied, functional training performed at a high intensity.

    The goal of Crossfit is for the athlete to be fit and competent at all aspects of exercise, from sprinting to long distance running, swimming to Olympic Lifting, gymnastics to strength and endurance resistance exercises.

  • Is CrossFit training in Abu Dhabi and Dubai suitable for beginners or does it require some previous physical fitness training or a certain level of fitness?

    Yes CrossFit training in the UAE is certainly suitable for beginners to do, you do not require previous physical fitness training or a certain level of fitness. I personally implement CrossFit in my sessions with beginners and they thoroughly enjoy it and find it effective.

    Some exercises are quite difficult and require a lot of attention to technique but these exercises can be scaled to your level of ability. Also with a competent Coach your technique will improve and you will progressively improve.

    Because of its diversity it prevents boredom associated with repetitive programs and its high intense nature elicits results promptly which in turn motivates clients to challenge and better themselves every CrossFit session.

  • Can a CrossFit training regime be created for individual 1-2-1 personal training in the UAE or is this more of a group training method?

    Yes a CrossFit training regime be created for individual 1-2-1 personal training. As mentioned previously, as a personal CrossFit trainer I implement CrossFit in my 1 to 1 Home Personal Training sessions. It is very effective this way because all the coaches focus is on one athlete alone so the attention to detail will enable the client to improve their CrossFit ability rapidly.

    Crossfit Personal Trainers & classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

  • From what I have read CrossFit is great as a cardio form of exercise but does it offer other fitness benefits like increasing definition or targeting specific areas of the body that I want to improve?

    Yes CrossFit is great for Cardio and yes it does offer other fitness benefits. By doing Crossfit training you will be covering every aspect of Fitness. Crossfit doesn’t focus on single muscle groups and exercises, eg. Bicep curls for your bicep’s, instead it incorporates whole body functional exercises, which target multiple muscle groups and are ultimately more affective.

    Does it increase definition!? Just Google the Crossfit Yas team!

  • As a personal trainer in the UAE, do you think CrossFit offers quick results when it comes to leading a healthier and fitness lifestyle or is CrossFit training a commitment that needs several months of hard training workouts in order to see and feel results?

    That depends what your goals are.

    To lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle, doing CrossFit three to five times per week will produce quick and effective results.

    If you want to compete competitively with the best in CrossFit, it will require several years of hard training workouts!!!

  • I want to try and get my children to lead a fitter lifestyle, at the moment they don’t really take part in much exercise out of school, is CrossFit a suitable training method for groups of kids (or can it be tailored to kids) – does it have a fun and competitive (friendly) element?

    Yes CrossFit a suitable training method for kids in the UAE, it improves the functional movement ability, strength, agility, balance and accuracy while at the same time being competitive and fun. It achieves the same components of fitness as the adults but they are learning it at a young age so they will ultimately benefit greatly from performing CrossFit as kids.

  • Apart from eating healthy in general are there any good diets or food groups that really help when starting a CrossFit workout program?

    CrossFit simplest advice when it comes to diet is to “base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, meats, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar”.  It’s a very good and easy way for beginners to adjust their current diet to a more balanced and healthy choice.

    Other than that their Macronutrient prescription is:

    30% Protein, 40% Carbohydrate, and 30% Fat of your total caloric load. CrossFit also provide a Zone diet, which makes it easier for athletes to tract what they eat and gives a broad choice of food.

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Crossfit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah can be tailored for 1-2-1 personal training or you can join a CrossFit class in your area.

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