Gym Training vs Home Personal Training in the UAE - What's best for you?
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using free weights or gym exercise equipment in the uae
Going to the gym or personal training at home - the best PT advice for what's best for you.

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There are benefits and drawbacks to both when it comes to gym training and home based personal training in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Whether you want to go to a gym in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for your personal training sessions or have personal training at home in the UAE where the trainer will come to you depends on your schedule and of course your personal training goals.

  • As a personal trainer in Dubai who can offer training at someone’s home in Dubai or in a gym what would you say are the main pros and cons of both locations?

    The pros of home personal training in the UAE:
    • Easily accessible
    • Free
    • Comfortable surroundings

    The Cons of home personal training in the UAE:
    • Less equipped therefore less options
    • Smaller space
    • Having inactive family members around during training
    • Lack of socialness

    The pros of gym personal training in the UAE:

    • Endless training options
    • Large space
    • Plenty of others around for support
    • People around with shared goals
    • Motivational to show up if commited to a membership

    The cons of gym personal training in the UAE:

    • Costs
    • Travelling to a facility
    • Can get crowded at peak times
  • A gym can sometimes feel a bit intimidating for someone new to exercise and fitness – if you have to train a new client in a gym environment what advice would you give to someone who feels intimidated?

    I always tell my new personal training clients in Dubai the same thing. Everyone starts from somewhere. People don’t magically turn into  a great shape. Everyone one way or another has committed time or energy into their training and nutrition to get to how they are today. People wont or shouldn’t judge new people in a gym because at one point in their life they were clueless too, myself included. But through perseverance and a strong mentality and work rate then no fitness goal should be unachievable.

    Starting At The Gym In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

  • Training in the privacy of someone’s home in Dubai has obvious benefits – no need to travel to the gym, scheduled around the clients other commitments etc. However, many people don’t have fitness equipment at home. What basic items of fitness kit would help a client for the times when a personal trainer is not with them?

    This depends on their goals. Maybe investing in a piece of cardio equipment like a bike which doesn’t take up much space to help them burn calories and fat, some kettlebells which can be used for various strength and endurance exercises for all parts of the body, a soft yoga mat to make stretching/floor/bodyweight exercises more comfortable and a TRX for again the fact it doesn’t use much storage and has a variety of purposes. These are all great pieces to start with.

  • In your experience as a personal trainer working with home and gym clients do you see better results for one or the other?

    I feel that both clients can see great results, although it can come around faster and develop more in a gym environment. Genuinely down the fact of having more equipment and training options to suit all situations.

  • Training requires commitment and focus. Do you think that training in a gym environment helps improve commitment? In other words it is sometimes easier to get distracted at home and ‘do other things’

    Personal Training Advice in the gym in DubaiI believe it does. Committing to a gym means you show commitment to go train as my Bachelors research proved. Home has several distractions and it’s easy to think “I’ll do it after….” And suddenly that turns to “I’ll make up for it tomorrow”. In a gym you are in a set environment to train so it puts all your focus on that. Similar to a workplace or a school. You’re more likely to work or study in these environments than at home where you know all your distractions are.

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