Setting Yourself Training & Exercise Goals For Success
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Female at home personal trainer in Dubai Amanda Warlo
How does goal setting help you achieve your health and fitness goals in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Amanda Warlo

Without goal setting exercise can become mundane - especially if you are training for a specific reason

Setting yourself targets and goals helps with performance. For personal trainers, helping you set goals can give you more motivation and that extra push when it comes to achieving all your health and fitness goals. Amanda, a professionl female personal trainer from the UAE explains why goals are an important part of her PT process.

  • We all get days when exercise is the last thing we want to do and we start to suffer from a lack of motivation. As a personal trainer in Dubai what are your methods when it comes to motivating your clients?

    I think it all depends on the client, some people are motivated by different things. After meeting with clients and getting to know them you quickly find out what motivates them. This could be giving them exercises that they enjoy, joining in with the session or even just sitting down for a chat!

    I have one personal training client in Dubai who had a goal of fitting back into her wedding dress after 30 years so on days that she wasn’t pushing herself I would simply remind her of her 1st goal.

  • As a personal trainer do you think goal setting helps you as well as the personal training client?

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    Absolutely. As a personal trainer working in Dubai, you usually have a widespread but in-depth knowledge about many modalities and types of training and you use this to plan the best training sessions according to your clients starting level and goals.

    Without a personal training goal, it’s hard to train with a purpose and to plan sessions that guarantee continuous, progressive overload.

  • As well as helping with focus and motivation are goals also helpful in improving performance during training sessions – therefore achieving goals faster?

    Yes, a goal can give you that that extra push during the session and the harder you push the better and faster results you generally get.


  • For people who are new to physical fitness training or those with very little regular exercise experience is better to stagger goals little by little and if so how does this help?

    I believe in setting a big, long term goal and then setting smaller short-term goals along the way.

    If you plan on losing 20 kg.’s in one year it can feel overwhelming and on a day-to-day basis that goal seems very far away.

    But if the short term goal is to lose 500 grams per week it’s easier to stick to your training and diet day after day, as you know you can’t cheat on your diet on Friday and expect a good result on the scale Sunday morning.


  • Weight loss regularly involves setting goals and targets which are reviewed weekly or monthly. Do you have any suggestions on how this kind of goal setting can be incorporated into other training programs?

    All types of training programs can use the same techniques by doing an objective, repeatable, measurable start-test and re-testing in pre-set intervals, as the training program goes along.

    For example, a measuring tape can be used to track progress if the goal is muscle gain, the Cooper-test is a great test for cardiovascular capacity and repetition max strength tests are great for testing strength increase.



Dubai At Home Personal Training - Amanda

Amanda is a female personal trainer in Dubai who works with Revolution Fitness. She has specialist knowledge in a wide variety of fitness areas and can work with clients of any age throught Dubai in their home, outdoors or at a Revolution Fitness Partner Gym.

You can view Amanda’s full Duabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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