Building Muscle & Improving Your Physique - It's Not All About Pumping Iron
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Dubai Personal Trainer Aly - Personal Training On The Beach
Whether you simply want to add some muscle to your physique or you want to get really ripped and build muscle fast it can be done if you follow some simple steps

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Aly

There are no 'short' shortcuts when it comes to muscle building in Dubai - with hard work and commitment though you'll soon see results.

Many people think building muscle and improving muscle physique is a difficult process which involves spending hours and hours in a gym pumping iron. While it does take time you will be amazed at what you can achieve if you follow the best advice, use the best training techniques and follow the training plan a professional muscle personal trainer can provide.

  • As a professional personal trainer in Dubai who specialises in muscle building what are the best training methods for increasing overall muscle mass and definition?

    The best training methods for increasing overall muscle mass is Resistance Training. Resistance training techniques mean you need to put more effort and resistance on the muscles to grow effectively. Using a wide variety of different machines and free weights used from different angles and different methods will provide different muscle groups with the resistance training they need in order to grow and get that well-defined look.

    It’s not all about pumping the iron though. In order to get big or just to increase muscle mass rather than fat weight you also have to look at your diet and the types of food you eat on a daily basis.

    Body Transformation PT UAE - Aly

  • For increasing muscle mass many people follow a strict diet to ensure they increase muscle size but not put on too much fat weight. What do you think are the best foods to eat to increase muscle?

    Proteins are one of the leading food groups to provide decent muscle growth and proteins come in many forms – not just meat based. Of course protein is very important for muscle development but you also need complex carbs to provide you with energy during your workouts. What to eat and when to eat really depend on your muscle building personal training regime in Dubai.

  • Are there any differences between training for increased muscles for men and women in Duabi? For example, is it more difficult for women to achieve a defined look?

    There are no differences between men building muscle and women building muscle. It depends on your body size and physique but this equally applies to men and women. If you are fit and healthy it may initially be easier to add muscle and get a body sculpted look but with commitment, hard work and the correct diet anyone can get great muscle gains.

  • Training for increasing muscle size and creating a defined look can take time and commitment. Are there any secret techniques that can be used to get results faster?

    Faster gains are achievable but it does take commitment from you. Just like any training and workout plan – the more you can put in the better the results will be an in shorter time. Of course using a personal trainer in Dubai who has experience with building muscle and body physique transformation really helps. The personal trainer is not only there to provide you with the best plan but also guide you and motivate you to reach your muscle building goals.

    Aly - PT in Dubai, UAE - Client Images

  • What would your top 5 tips be for anyone looking to increase their muscle size in Dubai?

    1 – Diet & Nutrition – Look into your diet plan and make changes

    2 – Workout – Be committed and focused on your training plan and your end goals

    3 – Sleep – Get plenty of sleep. Sleep helps our body recover and repair after working out as well as giving your more energy during the day

    4 – Water – Stay hydrated. You need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water ‘all-day’ and not just during and after training. Water is the best ‘natural’ way to keep the body hydrated which in turn keeps you alert and energetic and can stop muscle cramps, especially in hot climates like Dubai.

    5 – Supplements – Supplements are ok to take as long as these also form part of your proper nutritional intake. Never rely on supplements like weight gaining powders to or other muscle building pills alone. The key is in the title ‘supplements’ Before taking any supplements you should seek the advice of a professional personal trainer in Dubai and also your medical practitioner.

Dubai Muscle & Strength Personal Trainer Aly

Based in Dubai, Aly is an expert when it comes to building muscle and increasing body strength. He works with male and female clients of all ages and abilities.

You can view Aly’s full Dubai personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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