Want bigger arms? Get some great tips and advice from Dubai bodybuilding PT's
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building bigger arms with a personal trainer in the UAE
What are the best exercise techniques to increase the size and definition of your arms? We asked a professional muscle building personal trainer from Dubai, UAE.

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Bigger arms are something that everyone who gets into body building in the UAE are looking for - how can you get bigger arms in a relatively short time?

There are plenty of exercise machines and free weight routines that are touted as being the best for increasing the size of your arm muscles but which ones are right for you and which ones do provide the biggest gains?

  • How can I get bigger arms, fast. It’s a question often asked in Bodybuilding forums, at the gym and also to personal trainers in the UAE. Many people who start a personal training regime in Dubai with the aim of building muscle want to focus to a large degree on their arms (biceps). Whatever the reason, both newcomers to bodybuilding and those with experience are always eager to learn new and traditional methods as long as they see great results. As a personal trainer in Dubai with bodybuilding experience can you summarise what you think are the top 5 workout routines (free weights or machines) for building arms fast and also include why/how you think these routines work best.

    Any of these techniques can be done at home in Dubai or at the gym. Ask your muscle building personal trainer in Dubai to show you the best way to do these exercises.


    top 5 exercises for the arms in dubai

  • 1. Good old biceps curls.

    Because it’s a great way to isolate your biceps. I prefer to do curls with free weights (dumbbells), and standing, since you’d then have to use your abs more for stability and also gives you the ability to work right and left together or one by one.

    Fx as a super set, 12 x one by one (6 each side) and then 10 curls together – x 3-4. 

  • 1. Chin Ups.

    If you’re not strong enough to pull yourself up in a bar, you can use a rubber band or even use the pull down machine, but just go for a narrow grip and underhand grip, so you target your biceps.

    You can even use a TRX machine. In this exercise you work your back too. So it’s a pure win win!

    Reps: 8-10, Set: 3-4

  • 3. Sitting bicep curls.

    Sitting biceps curls on the bench at 45 degrees, with dumbbells. Use the exercise for a bigger range of motion. You’re leaned back at the bench, your shoulders are back and your chest is up. Now, do this as a drop set so we make the muscle super tired. Drop set means you start with your max weight for biceps curls, and then slowly during your reps, you drop down when you reach a failure rep (where you just can’t finish the movement)

    Reps: 10 Set: 4

  • 4. Hammer curls.

    Now hold your elbows tight to your body and make some faster reps up and down. 8 fast reps + 8 reps where you go up quick on 1, and down slow counting 3,2,1 do this 3-4 times. This is called time under tension or TUT, this is a different way to stimulate your muscles and help them grow.

  • 5. Bend over rows.

    bend over rows with and underhand grib on the barbell and pull to your lower ribs. This exercise clearly active more muscles than our biceps, but then again, think of it as a win win. Make sure you’re pulling your elbows back and hold them close to your body.

    Reps 10×3 – make these ones heavy.

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