What Are The Best Exercises For Building Chest Muscles
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Dubai personal trainer and sport fitness coach - Shane
Muscle building techniques for the chest muscles

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Shane

For men and women in Dubai who want to build and improve their chest muscles there are many different techniques and items of gym (or home) exercise equipment.

We asked a professional personal trainer in Dubai who has muscle building experience what he thinks are the best muscle building techniques for the chest.

  • Being a personal fitness coach in Dubai who works with client wanting to get bigger, more defined chest muscles what are your top 10 exercises for chest muscle development in Dubai?


    1. Personally I would use dumbbells more than training machines because research shows they have greater pectoral (chest) activation when compared to barbell.

    2. Decline benches for pressing work well on the chest muscles. Most people neglect the decline bench but its again been shown to have the best overall pectoral activation.

    3. Incline benches for pressing. This has greater activation than the flat bench, especially in the upper chest which most people want to develop to have a complete look.

    4. You should focus on getting strong so that you can provide greater volume to the chest workouts. I often add elements of strength training for my clients in Dubai to ensure they get stronger.


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    5. If using full body programs but your chest is lacking, start with chest exercises. This works well for me in my training sessions and for my clients too.

    6. Increase the frequency of chest training, training it at least 2 times per week if you or your training thinks this is a weak point.

    7. Arnie (who is famous for his chest) famously said that the most important exercise for the chest is flys, and to focus on stretching it all the way down and contracting hard on the way up.

    8. Cable flys are a great finisher exercise as they give you constant tension so are a great way to get the chest ‘pump’.

    9. Use a variety of machines to target the chest differently – this also ensures you’ll never get bored with your chest training workouts.

    10. Warm-up and work on mobility/flexibility, getting injured is the biggest hindrance to making progress!

Professional Personal Trainer In Dubai - Shane

Shane is a personal trainer and all round fitness expert who currently works with Revolution Fitness in Dubai. He has experience with both weight training and muscle development and can create a customised workout plan to increase muscle in all areas of your body.

You can view Shane’s full Dubai personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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