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Pre workouts in the UAE - Warm up and stretching using TRX

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TRX gives you a great all over workout and can target specific muscle groups too. Like any method of training warming up prior to your workout is essential.

When training in Dubai or Abu Dhabi warming up is essential to prevent injury and generally make sure you are training correctly. Warm ups and stretches using TRX training equipment are a great way to prep your body for a great workout.

  • TRX provides a great body workout but like any exercise method a warm up routine should be performed first. As a TRX personal trainer in Dubai what are your favourite TRX stretching and warm up routines?

    As a warm up it is best to keep to dynamic stretches. So I tend to start of on some basic movements and use the TRX as more of a support on this to make them easier. Enough to make the muscles work and open up but not so much to put an unprepared muscle under too much tension.


  • Although TRX can provide a good body workout can TRX also be used just as a warm up and stretching routine before doing other exercise?

    Yes definitely. As the TRX is unstable it’s a great way to alert your muscles and have them fully engage and become more stable around joints so it is an excellent way to prepare the body for exercise.

  • Are there any restrictions on resistance levels that should be used as part of a TRX warm up/stretching routine?

    Depending on the participants capabilities will really determine the intensity and range they should work at. A lot of movements come down to the angle the person lines themselves up at in relation to the TRX so reducing this angle will reduce the workload and make it easier and more capable for them to perform and fully engage.

  • Would you say there are any limitations with regards to age or physical ability when it comes to using TRX for pre workout warm-ups and stretching?

    As it is with most exercises it all comes down to selecting the right movements for the right TRX personal training client in the UAE. More frail clients should not undertake as complex a movement as a more supple and flexible client for instance. If you are unsure what classifies as a complex movement please contact a trained professional for advice and technique support.

  • How long should a warm-up and stretching TRX session last and can you provide some examples of TRX routines that can be used for warm-up and stretching?

    I tend to find 10-15 minutes can be an adequate enough time to prepare for a TRX routine if done properly. Combining compound movements like squats, rows and chest press wakes up key muscle groups before including things like reverse lunges, side skips into a squat and roll outs. I would keep the angles high to ensure a lower intensity for these movements and just more use the TRX to engage and open up the muscles for the session ahead.

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