TRX Training Basics - Q&A With A Mobile Personal Trainer In Dubai
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Adub Dhabi & Dubai TRX Personal Training & Classes
Talking TRX - The Basics & How It Can Help With Your Fitness Goals

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Exercise Types & Techniques

TRX in the UAE - If your thinking about personal training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah TRX has some amazing benefits for all ages and all fitness levels.

As a method of training TRX can provide a full body workout using your own bodyweight. TRX training in the UAE is increasing in popularity thanks to male and female personal trainers who provide experienced TRX workout plans. In this question and answer session a qualified Dubai PT provides his own thoughts on the basics of the TRX training method.

  • Many people will have heard of TRX training, for those that haven’t can you tell us what TRX suspension training is and what equipment it uses?

    TRX suspension training is a form of bodyweight training where you can suspend your body from the ground to add difficulty through instability. The TRX can also be used to however increase balance and support bodyweight through other means.

    The piece of equipment is known as the TRX and is basically an adjustable strapping with handles and foot holds.

    Adub Dhabi & Dubai TRX Personal Training & Classes

  • TRX suspension training is seen by many as an all-round training method thanks to the number of exercises that can be performed with a single piece of training equipment. Can TRX also target specific areas for improvement (isolation), for example to build the arms and chest, increase core strength etc?

    Yes a TRX can be used to isolate a muscle in the body as well as an all round workout. With the amount of exercises at its disposal it is very easy to adjust an exercise accordingly to do so.

  • Can TRX training be used to lose weight (similar to HIIT or aerobic training) or is it specifically used to tone the body and develop muscle strength?

    Like many pieces of equipment it is not about what you have but how you use it. As much as it can be used to tone and build muscle it can also be used to lose weight and body fat. That is what makes it such a useful piece of equipment.

  • As a personal trainer in Dubai who offers TRX suspension training do you think it is safe for beginners to use TRX kit at home or should beginners be supervised?

    Yes I would say it is safe as long as the person is sensible and does not try anything too far out their comfort zone. Keep it to a simple difficulty to start until you are used to how it feels. If you are unsure and would like help to develop your TRX abilities and knowledge with a TRX Personal Trainer in the UAE then do not hesitate to contact myself for some support and advice.

  • Can TRX be used for rehabilitation purposes, for example after back injury or injury due to over-training/sports injuries?

    Yes it can. The instability can be a little daunting but if supported accordingly it can be very beneficial in both rehabilitation as well as prehab to prevent injury. I myself actually used one upon returning from my shoulder dislocation and have had no bother with it.

  • Are there any circumstances where you, as a personal trainer would not recommend using TRX as a method of training in Dubai? For example during pregnancy, senior fitness, children’s fitness etc?

    Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi Resistance Bands Training EquipmentI wouldn’t say so. Like most pieces of equipment, it can definitely be used in moderation. If we take pregnancy as an example then it can actually give more support in certain exercises to make it easier on the individual, however I would always advise having a professional present in this situation.

  • From a fitness point of view can you summarise why you think TRX is a good method of training and outline how it can improve an individual’s fitness levels?

    I think the TRX is a great form of training as it build the strength as well as stability in muscles. Also due to the various exercises that it can be used for it is great for on the move, a fast workout or just nice and simply a fun bit of variety to the usual routine.

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