Short On Time? Need A Quick & Effective Workout?

Even when we’re motivated to really get into an exercise and workout session there are times when we just don’t ‘get the time’ for a full workout. Whether it’s work or family commitments sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

At UAE Personal Trainers we asked a number of different personal trainers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi what their favourite 15 minute workout sessions are.

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Kieran Francis - Personal Trainer In Dubai

Kieran’s Favourite 15 Minute Workout: Bodyweight High Intensity Interval Training


Each exercise is performed at a high pace for 20 seconds, with a 20 second rest. After each circuit take a 1 minute rest. Repeat the circuit 3 times total for a total of 15 minutes.

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Jumping squats
  3. Pushups
  4. Jumping lunges
  5. Bench dips (can use bed/chair/table)
  6. Mountain climbers

Why Does Kieran Like This 15 Minute Workout?


Personal Trainer In Dubai Kieran FrancisHigh intensity interval training is consistently shown to be the most ‘bang-for-your-buck’ type of exercise when you have limited time, in regards to cardiovascular health, increasing your metabolism, and fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. It can be done anywhere as you don’t need any equipment, so can be used when on holiday/business trips etc.

Female Personal Trainer In Dubai - Amanda Warlo

Amanda’s Favourite 15 Minute Workout: Full Body Tabata Workout


Tabata training: Perform 8 rounds of each exercise at the highest possible pace for 20 seconds, with a 10 second rest for a total of 4 minutes.

After each Tabata take a 1 minute rest. Complete all three Tabatas for a total of 15 minutes.

  1. Alternate between Atomic Sit Ups and Kettlebell Deadlifts for each interval
  2. Burpees
  3. Sprints on treadmill, bike or crosstrainer

How Does This 15 Minute PT Workout Help?


Female at home personal trainer in Dubai Amanda Warlo

This 15 minute high intensity interval workout works your entire body with emphasis on the lower body where our biggest muscles are located. It means that during the workout you will burn a lot of calories and work every single muscle in your body. Because of the high intensity 15 minutes will be more than enough to improve both your general health, body composition and fitness level. If you can push yourself to do this 3 x week you will get in incredible shape!

Muscle Building & General Fitness Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi - Ricardo Lima

Ricardo’s Favourite 15 Minute Workout: Full Body Workout


  1. 10 push ups
  2. 20 mountain climbers
  3. 10 squats
  4. 10 lunges
  5. 10 burps

Take a 30 sec rest then repeat for 15 minutes.

Why Does This Workout Appeal To Ricardo?


Master Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi For Muscle Gain Ricardo Lima

These exercises will raise your heart rate and ensure you get a full body workout.







Abu Dhabi Dance Fitness & Body Tone Personal Trainer - Sara Primo

Sara’s Favourite 15 Minute Workout: Fast 15


Time CAP 15min – As many rounds as possible


  1. 150 Jump Rope
  2. 15 Push up
  3. 15 sit ups
  4. 150 Jump Rope

1 min rest, repeat for 15 minutes.

Sara Likes This Workout Because:


Female Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi - Sara Primo

I enjoy this workout because it challenges me with the rope trying to be as fast as possible working on my cardiovascular capacity and always calling my core to be present. I consider this as a good workout if you want to burn calories and help to reduce your abdominal perimeter and get your lower body toned and upper body strength increased.

Each time you do it…you should do your best to increase the number of sets per 15min!

Challenge yourself!

Boxing & General Fitness Personal Trainer In Dubai - Kris Hughes

Kris’s Favourite 15 Minute Workout: 15 Minute Abs Blast


Circuit: Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds apart from the plank which should be 1 minute. 1 minute rest should be taken at the end and 3 circuits completed in total.

  1. Crunch
  2. Bicycle Crunch
  3. Leg Raise
  4. Reverse Crunch
  5. Left Plank
  6. Right Plank
  7. Front Plank

Why Does This Workout Appeal To Kris?


As much as a lot of people want to get their abs in check and build a strong 6 pack. It can be a tedious task and many plan to add it to the end of a session but forget. With this 15 minute abs blast (that can be done at home), anyone can fit this into their schedule and reach their abs goals.

At Home Personal Fitness Trainer In Dubai - Naomi Hitchmough

Naomi’s Favourite 15 Minute Workout: Interval Training


Interval Training using treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer etc.

Start off 1-5 minutes slow walk into jogging for warming up.  Then increase the speed to a sprint speed.  Sprint for 30 seconds and then rest 30 seconds for 15 minutes.

Naomi Likes This Workout Because:



The benefits of interval training can be substantial. You will burn more calories during and after your workout, get faster and stronger, and increase overall cardiovascular fitness.  I like this type of  training  because it relieves the boredom sometimes associated with treadmill training.

Abu Dhabi Footbal Coach & Sports Personal Trainer - Tobe Tumelty

Tobe’s Ideal 15 Minute Workout: Prison Workout

  1. 10 Squats
  2. 10 Regular Pushups
  3. 10 Lunges (on each leg)
  4. 10 Narrow Push Ups
  5. 10 Jump Squats

Rest for 30 seconds. Complete as many times as you can in 15 minutes!

Tobe Likes This Workout Because:


Football coach and personal trainer in the UAE - Tobe Tumelty

Reason I like this workout is because it is simple but effective hits almost every muscle in your body and you will burn fat and build lean muscle! You don’t need any equipment or much space so its handy if you’re on the move a lot. It’s adaptable to meet individual needs for example reducing rest time after a set.

Kick Boxing Personal Trainer & Coach In Abu Dhabi - Rod Asiong

Rod’s Favourite 15 Minute Workout: TRX Circuit


TRX Biceps Curls- TRX Triceps Over-head Extensions – TRX Reverse Fly –

TRX Chest Press – TRX Squat + Row


10- 12 reps each exercise, 3 sets.

Why Does This Workout Appeal To Rod?


It’s a Full Body Work-out that works almost all the muscles in your body: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest, Back, Quads, Glutes, and the Abdominals.


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