Taking Bodybuilding Supplements In Dubai - What Are The Pro's & Con's
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Sometimes used for short term gain, bodybuilding supplements are used by many people but are they really needed?

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Making muscle gains can sometimes be frustrating - many people turn to supplements but why?

If you’ve been training for a while to increase your muscle mass and definition and aren’t seeing the results you expected you might be considering taking supplements. Although sometimes this can be a good idea there are drawbacks too. A Professional PT in Dubai explains the pro’s and con’s of taking bodybuilding supplements in the UAE.

  • In the UAE many people who train for bodybuilding also take supplements. As a bodybuilding personal trainer in Dubai do you think food and drink supplements are necessary?

    I wouldn’t label bodybuilding supplements as necessary if you are looking to gain muscle mass as part of your personal training plan in the UAE as you can get sufficient nutrients from regular food and drinks. However, if you struggle to hit the right macros or struggle with large quantities of certain foods then supplements are a great source to help achieve this. For instance a protein shake is high in protein but low in fat so it won’t affect your fat macros.



  • Is there a primary reason that people feel the need to take additional supplements when bodybuilding?

    Supplements are great because they are fast for consumption and easily accessible. After a workout many athletes consume a source of protein so having a protein shake prepared is easily stored, made and consumed (also faster) than eating a meal.

  • For bodybuilders trying to increase their general muscle mass do you think that supplements have an advantage over just eating for bodybuilding?

    I would recommend supplements if they cannot get enough from their diet. Many bodybuilders have to consume a large quantity of calories and macros to keep up with their goals and training, so using supplements can be of a great benefit to help them achieve these numbers.

  • Can you list some of the more popular bodybuilding supplements and explain how these help a bodybuilder to get the results they are looking for- Whey Protein, Amino Acids etc?

    I would say that currently your 3 most popular supplements are whey protein, creatine and BCAA’s (Brach Chain Amino Acids). Protein shakes are great for helping develop lean muscle by quickly sending protein to the muscles currently damaged during training to help them regenerate. Creatine can help improve your max strength/power output as well as your muscle mass and hypertrophy. BCAA’s, finally, are great for reducing muscle soreness, fatigue and accelerate your recovery post workout (therefore helping you train harder for longer)

  • Is taking bodybuilding supplements in the UAE just a short term fix for a goal or are they taken over a longer period of time?

    Depending on your goals, whether it be gain, loss or maintenance, require specific nutritional goals. Again this could be achieved from a well measured diet, although if supplements are required to help make this easier or manageable then they should be taken as necessary. A personal trainer experienced in Bodybuilding and nutrition can offer the best advice about whether you might benefit from different supplements.

  • Do you think that when a bodybuilder stops taking supplements there is a negative effect on the body?

    As long as they are still hitting their nutrient and training targets there should be no effect on the body.

  • For anyone considering taking bodybuilding supplements what summarised advice would you give based on your experience of working with bodybuilding clients in Dubai?

    I would recommend (depending on their goal timeframe) to start by getting all the required nutrients from good food sources at first, and if extra is needed or targets aren’t being achieved, then supplements can be added to this diet.

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