How to effectively workout the glutes and legs - personal trainers in the UAE tips
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Get some great tips from a personal trainer in the UAE - working out the glutes and legs

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Exercise Techniques

Woking on the glutes and legs during your training sessions

As well as providing stability for other training techniques working out regularly on your glutes and legs can also help you firm up and tone those areas too.

  • Why is training the glutes and leg areas important when it comes to other aspects of training – for example does this give more stability to perform other exercises?

    The lower body is the part of our body that we use the most in our daily life and motion. For the regular movements that we do we do without thinking about them and we use our lower body, but it doesn’t mean that they are simple movements. They require good “team work” between all of the muscles in our body, so if one of them is not working properly we will see some changes in our patterns of movement which can then place stress on other muscle groups.

  • As part of a workout plan for general fitness how much time should be spent on training the lower body (glutes, legs)?

    We work with Patterns of movement, so all of our body must be activated. All of our body is connected through fascias so we have to pay attention to all of the body in the same way ensuring equal movements during sessions.


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  • In your experience as a personal trainer what do you think are the best exercise methods and kit for working on the glutes and legs?

    This all depends of our client’s goal and our analysis of what they really need.

  • For someone trying to lose weight in the glutes and legs what types of exercise would you advice?

    Different variations of squats and lunges are fundamental, involving in this way all plans of movement.

  • What’s your favourite routine for working on your glutes and legs and can you explain why you think this works for you?

    I workout always with plans of movement, they must be present in all of the workouts, like this we decrease risks of injuries and we have more stability in the movements that we do in our daily life.

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