Swimming for fitness in Dubai - how does it help with general fitness?
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Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Personal Trainer In Dubai - Thane Sparks
With a wide range of health benefits, swimming for fitness in Dubai is fun for all ages.

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Thane Sparks

Swimming in Dubai is ideal for general fitness and can help in many other ways too.

Whether you are a strong swimmer or just learning to swim with swimming lessons in Dubai you’ll be surprised at just how beneficial swimming is to your overall health. Swimming is also suitable for all ages – even babies and seniors can benefit from regular sessions in your local swimming pool.

Swimming instructor and personal trainer in Dubai Thane provides some great tip on how swimming can be of benefit to you.

  • In Dubai, many people choose to swim as a regular method of keeping fit and staying in shape. As a health and fitness tool swimming is great for all ages and especially seniors because it is considered a low impact fitness method. As a personal trainer in Dubai who provides swimming lessons and swimming for fitness classes what would you say are the top 10 health and fitness benefits of swimming regularly.

    Improve your swimming performance in the UAE


    To start I would say flexibility I find a lot of people working long hours that are very stiff and lack mobility.

    Breathing – taking more control of your lung capacity assists with so many different things but number one for us all is burning FAT! In order to do that we need oxygen so if we are increasing your Vo2 (maximal oxygen uptake) which is the amount of oxygen you can fill your lungs with then we are burning more fat all day everyday!


    Cardiovascular – a great way to get your blood flowing and heart fit. Remember your heart is made up of unique muscle fibers swimming activates them very well.


    Rehabilitation – Swimming is great for anyone in recovery from surgery or injury. Hydrotherapy provides many benefits to people who have been advised to take a more gentle, low impact form of exercise.


    Low Impact – Unlike many exercise types that are high impact swimming is the opposite and does not put too much strain on the joints, ideal for the elderly in Dubai, pre-natal ladies and those with medical conditions restricting their mobility.


    Flexibility – Swimming assists in improving flexibility and mobility which also helps correct posture and align the spine preventing injuries and back fatigue.


    Fun! – Swimming in Dubai is fun, fun for all ages and what’s more even a quick, intensive swimming session of 15-20 minutes 2 or 3 times per week will help keep everything in check.


    Do it anywhere – You can swim pretty much anywhere so no excuses! Holiday, home, beach.


    Go outdoors – If you manage to get outdoors in Dubai for your daily swim it’s a great way to get your daily vitamin D. Vitamin D is a vital cancer fighter. 15 min a day unprotected skin or coconut oil mixed with shea butter is great way to fight it.


    Stamina & Endurance – Swimming in Dubai increases stamina and endurance so you will be able to swim faster, harder and longer – this can only ‘improve’ your overall fitness levels with no negative aspects. Swimming is great for anyone but can also help sports people and athletes who want to work on their endurance levels.


    Strength – Swimming when combined with your personal training plan is also a great way to build up strength in the arms, upper body, core and legs – adding variety to your exercise regime with swimming sessions will help you stay more focused too.

Dubai Sports, Swimming & Rehab Personal Training - Thane Sparks

Dubai personal trainer and private swimming coach Thane Sparks is a specialist when it comes to personal training for sports, injury rehabilitation and swimming lessons. His knowledge of Sports Medicine and preventative training make him the ideal trainer if you need to improve your physical abilities for sports or general fitness.

You can view Thane’s full Dubai fitness personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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