Exercise During Your Pregnancy in Abu Dhabi - What Are The Best Exercises To Do?
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exercise tips for prenatal women in dubai, abu dhabi & sharjah
Keeping fit while you are pregnant in the UAE doesn't need to be difficult when you take sensible advice and precautions.

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Many pre natal women in the UAE are under the wrong impression that physical exercise is bad for baby. Adding some element of exercise during the pre-natal stage of your pregnancy has so many health benefits.

Many prenatal women in Abu Dhabi aren’t aware of the amazing benefits of exercising during their pregnancy. Long gone are the days when exercise was seen as too stressful and too dangerous for prenatal mothers – the opposite is now true for the vast majority of women.

We know that gentle, regular exercise is beneficial to both mother and baby and if done correctly can even help when it comes to birth time.

While you should always seek advice from your medical practitioner before starting any exercise or training plan when pregnant you will find expert female personal trainers in Abu Dhabi who are trained to work with you at all stages of your pregnancy.

We asked a leading prenatal fitness specialist in Abu Dhabi for her top 5 tips on the benefits of taking regular exercise during your prenatal stage.

exercise tips for prenatal women in dubai, abu dhabi & sharjah
  • Most mothers to be in Abu Dhabi can exercise and train as long as they take sensible precautions and get advice from professionals. As a professional pre natal personal trainer in Abu Dhabi what are your top 5 tips and advice for mums to be relating to exercise?

  • Exercise Tips


    Regular exercise while pregnant in the UAE brings a huge host of benefits to mummies and babies. It reduces blood pressure, and improves circulation, it helps the body adapt to a changing posture, and strengthens the frame of the body to help carry a growing baby bump, it boosts energy levels and encourages peaceful sleep (so important before sleepless baby arrives!), it helps maintain a healthy weight gain throughout the pregnancy, and therefore a quicker, easier bounce back after birth.

    Studies have also shown that the risk gestational diabetes and preeclampsia are reduced with regular exercise and a healthy diet. It lifts the mood and wellbeing of mummy which is reflected internally to baby. It’s just a great complement to a healthy diet and a happy home for baby to arrive into

    Prenatal yoga in Abu Dhabi is a great starter. It stretches out tired and achy muscles and encourages you to engage with your breath and your baby. Deep breathing is so beneficial to baby (fresh oxygen into the baby’s cells helping everything to form) and to keep mummy calm and centred so blood pressure and heart rate remain stable and healthy.

    It’s a lovely way to take time for you – especially if you already have a toddler running around! Time for you before the baby arrives is crucial! Prenatal yoga also steers you through some very important poses to help prepare your body for labour. If you want to join a Yoga class in Abu Dhabi you can find more information here.


    Brisk walking or jogging if you are already a runner. It gets your out in to the fresh air and moving naturally. And you don’t need any equipment to do it! Pushing your heart rate a little is good for both you and baby – but within a safe zone.

    A fast walk involving strong arms and good breathing can become a very decent cardio workout. Especially if you are mindful of pulling up through the core and engaging the pelvic floor.

    Jogging should be contained to the first 30 weeks only, thereafter the weight of the baby can be a little taxing for your pelvic floor, and as prolactin builds in the joints, injuries are more likely. But if you are a runner already, jogging can bring you a little injection of those endorphins you may be craving.


    Swimming is a wonderful all-round exercise. Pregnant or not! The heart and lungs are working, the big muscles of the arms, core and legs are all moving together in harmony, and there is zero impact. Perfect for pregnancy.

    The prone position (facing down) of breast stroke or freestyle allows the belly to be weightless (a welcome relief towards the latter stages of pregnancy!) and swelling is reduced being surrounded by cool water with circulation pumping.

    Mummy should never be out of breath while swimming but a nice pace to encourage the blood to pump is extremely refreshing and beneficial.


    Weights can also be a great complement to the cardio and stretching based methods above. Overhead weights are best avoided as it can increase the blood pressure and strain the pelvic floor. But with the guidance of a qualified trainer, weight training is fantastic way to help prepare the body for labour.

    And for baby-carrying when baby is here.


    Prenatal Pilates. Without doubt, THE best way to keep hold of that core during pregnancy, and build a strong, healthy frame in advance of your little one’s arrival. It’s a safe and effective workout for pregnancy with zero impact and deep muscle strengthening and lengthening.

    Prenatal pilates should be practiced with a trained professional in order to gain the full benefit. You can view Pilates Personal Trainers here.

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