Elderly health and fitness - personal training basics in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Senior Fitness In Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Personal Trainer Tips - Exercise For The Elderly
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Elderly Health & Fitness Basic Advice & Tips

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Senior & Elderly Fitness

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Kris Hughes

Elderly health & fitness in the UAE doesn't need to be difficult. With some basic advice and tips even seniors can keep themselves in great shape.

Although personal training and exercise for the elderly in Abu Dhabi & Dubai is sometimes seen as a specialised area there are some elements of health and fitness for seniors that can easily be done at home. Changing your diet and getting regular, gentle exercise. It is always advisable for seniors to seek medical advice before starting any new diet or training plan.

  • Elderly fitness and training is seen as a specialised area. As a personal trainer in Dubai who provides PT services for senior fitness what special considerations need to be taken into account?

    I think one of the key considerations is intensity. It must be taken into consideration how hard the body is pushed so that it doesn’t create any injuries. You should also look to consider what exercises are conducted and if they are too weight bearing on joints or involves too much range of movement. Although, this being said, all individuals are different and unique so this may not apply to some.


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  • What methods/techniques of health and fitness training would best suit senior who just want to get some general exercise on a daily basis in the UAE?

    As a personal trainer in Dubai who can work with seniors I’d look to start on some steady state cardio at a low intensity to get the body moving and cardio strength working before looking to some lighter resistance based strength exercises where less control is required and less strain on the body. This aids the bodies strength in the muscles and around the joints.

  • Many seniors get very limited active exercise. Although this varies from person to person do you think there are specific reasons for this?

    I think there is a bit of a stigma surrounding seniors training, or they adapt the mindset of it is too late to start and they are too old to train. This is very far from the case. If any seniors are reading this I want them to know it is never too late to start training and better yourself and your health. It is ok to be scared or nervous about it but myself and the rest of the Revolution Fitness team in Dubai are here to help and make this a simple and enjoyable transition for you with correct and fun training plans suited to you.

  • As well as 1-2-1 personal fitness are group senior fitness classes beneficial? If so is group exercise for seniors in the UAE a good choice?

    Of course! Group fitness classes in Dubai are great for many reasons. They surround you with individuals with the same goals and mentality, they are fun and great for sociability and everyone works towards similar goals and through the same workouts making it motivational to keep you on track.

  • Eating well and physical exercise go hand in hand when looking to lead a healthier lifestyle in general. Are there are tips you can provide that would help seniors develop a sensible eating plan?

    The main tip I would recommend would be to try and avoid fast foods and learn to enjoy cooking fresh products with plenty of green vegetables. A nice balance of carbs, proteins and fats is a given for anyone, but it is also important to remember where to get these sources. Look for nice low fat cuts of meat, plenty vegetables, fruits and a very important one (especially in the UAE) is to also take in plenty water.

Personal Trainer & General Fitness Specialist In Dubai - Kris Hughes

Based in Dubai, UAE, Kris Hughes is an all-round fitness expert with experience in personal training for sports, boxing and general fitness for all ages (including senior fitness personal training in Dubai)

You can view Kris’s full UAE personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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