If you suffer with back problems in Duabi or Abu Dhabi Yoga might just provide the relief you need.
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Practicing yoga on a regular basis not only helps to alleviate the pain and suffering associated with back pain but some yoga poses can also help strengthen the back muscles too.

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Leila

  • 1. Many people in the UAE suffer from both chronic and acute back pain. Often this is attributed to being seated for too long but it can also come from other work related injuries and just general bad posture. Yoga, as an exercise method has long been prescribed to help alleviate back pain and when done regularly can also help to strengthen the back muscles to avoid future problems. As a professional Yoga coach in Abu Dhabi can you describe what you think are the top 5 Yoga poses to help strengthen the back and why/how do these work?


    yoga for back pain in duabi and abu dhabi


    As every person is different, there may not be a fixed “5 yoga poses to strengthen the back” that would work for everyone. If you have any existing injuries, please check with your healthcare professional. Certain exercises may not be good for certain conditions.


    It is always best to start warming up the body, giving the body time to prepare for the exercise that is coming. Strengthening the core and stretching out the lower back and hips can greatly assist in reducing back pain.


    The following poses will help to loosen the back and spine by moving through all 6 directions (flexion, extension, lateral flexion and twisting to both sides):


    Cat/Cow (spinal flexion and extension)

    Side cat/cow / seated lateral bends (lateral flexion, both sides)

    Seated twist (spinal twist, both directions)

    Child’s pose (spinal flexion)

    Thread the needle (spinal twist, both directions)



    In general, the following poses will be helpful in strengthening the back, posterior chain and core:


    Sundial/bird dog (core engagement, balancing)

    Plank (core strengthening)

    Triangle (core strengthening)

    Cobra (spinal extension, active backbend)

    Locust (spinal extension, active backbend)

    Bridge (spinal extension, active backbend. Can be passive, if using a block under the hips and relaxing the body)

    Boat pose (core strengthening)



    To finish off, stretch out the hips and back:


    Low lunge (hip flexors) + quad stretch

    Pigeon (external rotators and abductors)

    Knee-head pose (hamstrings and calves)

    Bound angle pose (adductors)

    Happy baby

    Reclined twist

    Wind releasing pose


Leila - Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Leila is a qualified and experienced yoga personal trainer and class teacher based in Abu Dhabi. She specialised in various forms of Yoga for 1-2-1 sessions at your home or group classes with friends.

You can view Leila’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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