Pilates Training In Abu Dhabi & Dubai - Helping With Back Related Problems
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At home ladies fitness personal trainer in Dubai - Taru
Pilates training in the UAE has a wealth of health benefits including helping you reduce or eliminate back pain and problems associated with training and everyday living.

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Taru – Easy Go Sports Dubai

Most of us have heard of Pilates but did you know that Pilates Training in the UAE can help with many posture related problems.

Day to day living can put stress and pressure on our backs – especially if you are seated at work for extended periods of time. Over training and exercising incorrectly is also a cause of back pain and back strain in the UAE. Adding Pilates to your regular workouts can help in many way and also improve your posture too.

Taru is an expert when it comes to Pilates Training in Dubai and in this Q&A she explains some of the ways Pilates can help reduce back problems.

  • 1. In the UAE many people will have heard of Pilates training. For those in Abu Dhabi & Dubai who are new to Pilates can you explain what Pilates is?


    Pilates is training method, which will help men and women to develop their own ideal strength, balance and body control, without excessive nodes or muscle strain. Pilates will help you get even more vitality and mobility – it’s good for your body and mind. In particular, the Pilates teach you importance of breathing, balance of spine, as well as the strengthening of the deep abdominal muscles.


    Pilates reformer group sessions in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

  • Back problems and general back pain is something many people suffer with. How does Pilates help with general back pain issues?

    Pilates consists of many different muscle exercises that affect the spine, hips and shoulders. Strong muscles will share the weight in a balanced way and protect your back by improving your posture. Regular Pilates training in the UAE also improves strengthening of your deep abdominal muscles, which in turn will support your back. All in all you’ll notice muscle strength, flexibility and body control to increase, and the back pain starts to ease. But it is recommended to do the exercises at least two or three times a week.

  • Back pain problems are often associated with people who spend a long time sitting at work; can Pilates be used as a quick exercise method while in the office?

    Absolutely, you can easily use Pilates as a quick exercise method in the office, at your home, in the park or anywhere because all you need for Pilates exercise is mat and some extra time.

  • Can you describe some gentle Pilates routines that you as a professional Pilates personal trainer in Dubai would recommend to your clients and how do these routines help?

    Pilates reformer personal training machine in Dubai & Abu DhabiThere are some basic routines what I personally as a professional Pilates Personal trainer in Dubai recommend to my clients. First of all, a regular routine is the most important rule – practice Pilates two to three times a week. Rule number two: FOCUS on what you are doing and why. Also controlled breathing gives you more power for workout. Make sure you do movements carefully and in a controlled manner: For example, the ten correctly repeated abdominal movement is responsible for the increase in poor position to sit up 100.

  • Are there any restrictions on Pilates for back problems, for example seniors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi or pre-natal ladies?


    Pilates classes are designed for each client according to their own needs. For seniors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Pilates classes can be restricted to make it easier, for example by practicing more basic things and balance. Also for seniors, who recover from surgery can be designed for rehabilitation Pilates classes. For pre-natal ladies Pilates is an excellent training method. A good pelvic floor muscles, the central body support and flexible body prepare your body for giving birth. But be careful not to flatten the stomach too strongly, so that a baby has enough space in the womb.

  • Do you think that practicing Pilates regularly can actually help to prevent back related pain – how often would you recommend someone does Pilates?


    Regular Pilates training corrects your posture as well as the excitement of the joints and the muscles. This helps the body to increase mobility, muscle strength and balance. At the same time, you will notice the decrease in back pain, as long as you practice on a regular basis (2-3 times a week). Regular Pilates training also improves strengthening of your deep abdominal muscles, which will support your back.

Taru - Female Personal Trainer In Dubai - UAE

Taru is a fitness expert in Dubai. Her Personal Training qualifications include training for improved flexibility, general fitness, muscle gain, pilates, sports specific, tone up, weight loss and nutrition. Also for small groups. Taru is available throughout UAE for one to one or group training sessions.

You can view Taru’s full UAE personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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