Power Yoga In The UAE - The Basics
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Power Yoga - What it is and is it right for you?

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The UAE Personal Trainers website helps to clear some of the confusion which is often associated with the many different forms of Yoga.

Almost everyone has heard of ‘Yoga’ in one form or another but with so many different styles and types of Yoga in the UAE how do you know which one is right for you. The UAE Personal Trainers website Q&A section helps to answer your questions before you embark on your Yoga journey in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

  • Most people have heard of yoga in one form or another. Can you explain what ‘Power Yoga’ is?

    Power yoga started in the 80’s  and is a sequence of Asana’s (poses) with vigorous movements that aims to  build strength. In power yoga, teachers have more flexibility in terms of arranging postures per their preferences and their client’s needs. Its more physically demanding so may not be suitable for all beginners. If you are unsure then speak with a professional yoga personal teacher.

  • What are the general health benefits of power yoga when compared to regular yoga (Hatha Yoga)?


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    Strength, stamina and endurance also focus the movements are faster comparable to Hatha yoga that you hold the pose for 5 breaths, its releases toxins and stress improve your posture, cardiovascular and blood pressure. While helping, you tone and strengthen your muscles. Also, a peaceful mind.

  • As a yoga teacher in Abu Dhabi do you think Power Yoga is suitable for beginners or is this an advanced form of yoga practice?

    Power yoga, requires you to be moderately fit so its  more  enjoyable otherwise the physically intensity of the asana can also lead to injures. It’s perfect for athletes and regular sports enthusiasts.

  • Is power yoga suitable for 1-2-1 training or is it best performed in a group?

    Yes! Power Yoga can be applied in both situation jut having in mind that yoga is an inner self-practice but groups can be  fun and is very motivating.

  • Can you provide examples of what to expect in a power yoga class? How are the asanas performed?

    An energetic class with vigorous movements where you sweat while working arm balance  shoulders planks and pushups also core upper and inner thighs. The added of side stretch of your tummy, intense breath is required.

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The UAE Personal trainers website includes information on the best male and female Yoga coaches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Whether you are new to Yoga or need more practice you’ll find the right Yoga coach to fit your needs.

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