Using Yoga For Detox In The UAE
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yoga for fitness personal training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Need to detox? Maybe Yoga is the detox method that is right for you in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Their are numerous reasons why a detox now and then is good for body and mind.

When you think of detox Yoga might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, Yoga is very effective at providing the body with an overall detox and cleansing the internal organs.

Read on to find out why a Yoga detox is a great choice when you feel like you’ve overindulged.

  • In the UAE there are so many reasons why people decide to do a detox. Overeating, overindulgence, lack of physical activity and more can often lead to feeling tired and run-down. As well as diet changes people are now looking for Yoga and as a physical detox option. How does Yoga help with detoxifying the body?

    In modern life, we are over intoxicated even if our body is designed to detox by itself. Let’s not underestimate it but unfortunately, it’s not enough for our lifestyle.

    We have been intoxicated in many ways, through our food and water we drink, the air we breathe, what we put on our skin, even by the way we think, our body quickly clogs up toxins to be stored in the cells and joints.

    Yoga helps to increase mobility – which is the contraction of smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal tract and other organs – and optimizes their normal detoxifying functions by stimulating sweat and blood circulation and helping to clean the body of toxins.

    For example in yoga flow classes in Abu Dhabi, breathing synchronized with the asana (yoga pose) detoxifies. Or pranayamas (specific yoga breathing exercises used by yogis) that help the lungs remove gases and chemicals when exhaling.

  • Which yoga poses (asanas) can help with a detox and can you describe how this help to cleanse or rejuvenate the body?


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    Wide legged forward bend

    This pose lets your body fall forward against gravity’s pull encouraging blood fluid to lymph nodes promoting better blood circulation, the pose also improves digestion.


    Downward facing dog twist

    This pose lets your blood flow into your head and back into your abdominal organs when you stand.


    Shoulder stand can be attempted only if you are comfortable with the pose.

    It stimulates the thyroid gland as it places pressure on the throat which supports detoxification.


    Locust Pose:

    This pose places pressure on the abdomen thereby improving digestion, also strengthens the back.


    Chair twist pose:

    Besides strengthening the thighs and hips, the chair twist pose puts pressure on the internal digestive organs and kidneys, helping the detox.


    These are some of the many poses of yoga twisting of spine and organs which block the flow of blood. When you release the pose, blood flows back into those areas with nutrients improving and promoting the blood circulation while slowing down the oxidative process and rejuvenating the body.

  • Many Yoga practitioners (Yogi's) in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah also follow a Yoga diet. Are there any short-term benefits of following a Yoga diet when doing a detox?

    Yes, and here is why:

    Yoga diet is not based on vitamins, minerals or proteins but categorized by following the positive pranic with substances that when consumed, add prana (energy) to our system. It also includes eating habits that are natural, vital, energy-containing, clean, conscious, truly honest, wise and pure.

    Yogis avoid food with negative pranic:

    Such processed food has no life, doesn’t get solar energy, is full of sugar and makes you feel tired immediately after consuming it, causing food intolerance, low immunity and intoxication of the body.

    It becomes easy to attain emotional balance when eating a positive pranic diet and will feel the benefits straight away after starting ‘eating clean’

    For yogis, it is a lifestyle. While doing detox we also include fasting and meditation to clean not only the body but most importantly the mind, helping the body to achieve the best performance and regenerate it, all combined with a sequence of asanas (poses).

    The results are felt in very short term:

    You will feel the energy rising, digestion starts working much better, you sleep better, memory is boosted and you notice many other benefits.


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  • As a professional Yoga teacher in Abu Dhabi do you think that practicing Yoga on a regular basis would help to eliminate the need to detox?

    The regular practice of Yoga in the UAE helps detox body and mind. I used to do detox once a month when I suffered from leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, weak immunity, sleep disturbances, and food cravings.

    Many of these problems vanished after I started Yoga practice on regular basis, my entire body improved performance, now doing detox once a year practicing Yoga 3 times a week will boost your immune system and naturally be detoxified from yoga.

    On Days when I teach 5 Yoga classes in Abu Dhabi I feel more active and energized, there is no need for so many detoxes at all.

  • Finally for anyone in Dubai or Abu Dhabi who is considering Yoga away to kick-start their detox program what are your top 5 tips?

    • Just go for it only on the mat you will feel benefits and after just some classes.
    • Make the change! Don’t let the idea “I want to do Yoga but I’m no good” or “I’d love to try Yoga but I’m not flexible” don’t let fear and misconceptions keep you away from one of the most life-changing, empowering and beautiful experiences.
    • Do Yoga beginners classes – try it with different teachers and styles and find one that fits for you, there are so many options… listen and follow the Yoga teachers instruction of inhaling and exhaling because breathing is a detox by itself.
    • Don’t compare too much, the advanced poses you see on the internet will take it time to achieve, but it not impossible just keep it real and enjoy the journey.
    • Have fun and let yoga do the work – it only gets better. Better for the body, mind and life.
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