What are the benefits of doing Yoga during Ramadan in Abu Dhabi
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abu dhabi personal yoga coach and group yoga teacher - shweta
Training during Ramadan in the UAE can be difficult but there are some exercise techniques that are easier than others - Yoga is a great choice

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Shweta

  • During the Holy month exercise and training can be difficult. Because Yoga is considered a low impact form of exercise do you think it is a good choice for training during Ramadan?

    Yoga is definitely a good choice for Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Yoga stretches, although is low impact form of exercise, can help in both losing weight (especially inches) and strengthen muscles too.

    During Ramadan, concentrating on stretching is better than fast paced cardio based exercises because your energy levels tend to be lower.

  • Are there any types of Yoga that are considered better for Ramadan – for example Yoga that is not too fast paced?

    Yin yoga is definitely a good option during Ramadan.

    It consists of a few poses being held for a longer period of time (2 to 5 mins depending on student’s endurance level).

    Also, hatha yoga but slow paced and basic postures so that students feel less intimidated and achieve more.


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  • To help with digestion during Ramadan what Yoga poses do you recommend as a professional Yoga coach in Abu Dhabi?

    Because eating times are different during Ramadan in the UAE some people tend to have digestive issues during the Holy month.

    There are multiple Yoga postures for good digestion.

    The best one however is vajrasan (diamond pose).

    Vajrasan helps with speeding digestion and is the only asana (Yoga pose) that can be done right after a meal!

    Otherwise, Yoga needs to be done 2 hours after a meal or 1 hour before meal (especially high intensity yoga)

    So, if you do find you are having digestive issues during Ramadan talk to a Yoga personal trainer or coach in the UAE for more advise on the best poses to use.

  • How can Yoga breathing exercises help during Ramadan?

    Yoga breathing has many benefits… you can even lose weight by just doing breathing exercises.

    There are breathing exercises that help you maintain balance and helps increase your energy throughout the day which is very important when fasting during Ramadan.

    Also breathing exercise is a great for calming and relaxing the mind.

Shweta - Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor - Abu Dhabi - UAE

Shweta is a fully qualified Yoga Coach in Abu Dhabi who can provide 1-2-1 and group yoga training at your home or another location to suit your schedule.

Whether you are new to Yoga or have some experience Shweta can develop a customised plan to help you get the most out of your Yoga coaching.

You can view Shweta’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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