Abu Dhabi Yoga Personal Trainer Hollie Discusses Yoga Basics & General Questions
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abu dhabi yoga trainer and teacher - leila knight
Yoga - Basic questions for those who are interested in learning Yoga for mind and body health

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Yoga & Pilates

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Leila Knight

Get the answers to some of the basic questions about Yoga in the UAE

Good for beginners – this question and answer session with a professional Yoga Trainer in Abu Dhabi provides basic information about Yoga which will be expanded on in future Q&A sessions.

  • With Yoga, how often should I practice?

    If you are a beginner to Yoga then a good starting point for your daily practice can be as little as 5 to 10 minutes. This can include stretching, meditation and mindfulness. As time goes on you will find that you can add more time to your routines to fit your schedule. Many clients who have limited time because of busy daily schedules have advised that even though they only attend one class per week they still see and feel great benefits from their Yoga practice in Abu Dhabi. With Yoga it’s about consistency and paying attention to what your body and mind needs.

  • As well as Yoga classes or Yoga Personal Training in Abu Dhabi are then any on-line resources that I can use to practice in my own time at home?

    Due to the popularity of Yoga the web is a great way to get more information about Yoga in general, different Yoga types, Yoga poses and much more including ‘how to’ videos and instructions. I personally think that the resources listed below are great websites to visit for those who are just starting Yoga as well as advanced Yoga practitioners in Abu Dhabi.

    Hollie - Abu Dhabi Based Female Personal Trainers - Group Yoga Pose 3

    www.doyouyoga.com and www.yogaglo.com have many videos with different teacher, styles, ability levels and durations to choose from.  oneoeight.tv is a new website by the amazing Swedish yoga girl, Rachel Brathen.  Erin Motz, aka BadYogi, appeals to many as she presents yoga and living in the modern day world in a beautifully honest way that many people are able to relate to – especially beginners.

    Ana Forrest is an amazing teacher and focuses a lot on developing core strength which is necessary for almost every action we perform in daily life.

  • There are many different Yoga poses, in your experience which ones do you find are better for toning the stomach area?

    There are many different Yoga poses which work with specific muscle groups for toning the belly area (upper and lower abdominal muscles) Navansana or ‘boat pose’ and its variations work well for flattening the tummy area. There are others too, standing poses, plank and side plank are also great choices. As you progress with your Yoga routines you will find that some of the more difficult poses can also be attempted – in time and with practice you will find a variety of different styles and poses that you are comfortable with.

  • Does practicing Yoga also help with weight loss?

    Yoga isn’t a high intensity workout routine so it isn’t specifically designed as a fitness regime for losing weight. However, that being said when you get more into yoga and start eating a sensible, well-balanced diet without exceeding your daily caloric intake there is no reason why you shouldn’t start to lose weight.

    Many clients choose Yoga because of the increase in flexibility that it provides which also helps reduce stress and gets your body and muscles moving like they are designed to. With this increase in activity most people love the way they feel, look and never want to go back to putting junk in their bodies!

  • With each Yoga pose what is the recommended time for ‘keeping’ the position?

    This is a difficult one to answer because it depends on the pose, your level of Yoga experience and of course your level of flexibility. As a guide I like to say around 5 – 8 breaths for the average person but if you cannot maintain steady breaths when doing a particular pose it could be an indication that the pose might be too difficult (advanced Yoga) ‘or’ you need to reduce the time spent in the pose position. Like most things related to exercise and fitness the key here is to build yourself up gradually and listen to what your body is telling you – this prevents injury and also makes the practice of Yoga more pleasurable.

    For people with ‘busy minds’ that tend to wander or those who prefer a faster moving form of Yoga flow then classes and personal yoga training using ‘Vinyasa Yoga’ might be more suitable. Of course there is no reason why you can’t try various forms and styles of Yoga and gradually develop a style that suits you best.

    Being an Abu Dhabi Yoga personal trainer I can provide you with the tools, knowledge and experience you need when looking for Yoga coaching – either one to one, group Yoga or Yoga classes.

One to one and group yoga personal trainer & coach in Abu Dhabi - Leila Knight

Leila is a professional female yoga trainer & yoga class teacher working with Advantage Sports in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Leila has experience in all aspects of yoga training and other general fitness personal trainer services which can be provided for male, female and children.

You can view Leila’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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