Which Is Better For Weight Loss – Jogging Or HIIT Exercise

Which Is Better For Weight Loss – Jogging Or HIIT Exercise
If you want to lose weight in Abu Dhabi there are many ways to do so. Is jogging more effective than HIIT exercise?
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Most cardio based exercises can also help you lose weight. There are plenty of exercise routines that you can do but can jogging help you lose weight or is it better to concentrate on HIIT exercise routines?

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Jen

A weight loss personal trainer in Abu Dhabi can really help you lose weight with a wide variety of different training methods.

Sometimes what is right for one personal isn’t right for another so try a few exercises and see which ones you enjoy the most.

There are many different exercise types that are supposed to be good for weight loss when combined with a proper diet.

A popular form of exercise is jogging but how does jogging compare to HIIT types of exercise routines in Abu Dhabi for those looking to lose weight?


Jen’s Answer: The most effective way to burn fat is to engage in; long duration, low intensity activity.

This is when the body uses fat reserves as a primary energy source.

So, in my opinion as a personal trainer, YES jogging is better for fat loss (specifically) than short high intensity training sessions.

When engaging in short high intensity activity the body uses immediate energy (sugar, carbohydrates, proteins) as a primary energy source (in that order).

Only once these sources are completely depleted will the body turn to fat as an energy source.

If your goal is to burn fat; it would be more beneficial to walk for an hour than to do burpees at intervals for 5 minutes.


How many km or miles would someone need to do while jogging in Abu Dhabi to burn the same amount of calories as in an hours HIIT exercise session?


Jen’s Answer: Calories burned is directly determined by how hard the body is working.

This question is almost impossible to answer. An individual who is highly adjusted to running can do so effectively and therefore their body will adapt to actually be able to run while burning less.

In the same way someone who is highly adapted to internal training will burn less calories in the same session than somebody who isn’t.

Weight and size also plays a huge part in how hard your body needs to work to complete any given exercise.

Very generally speaking; an average size female with good conditioned fitness will burn roughly 300 calories after running 5 kilometers.

An average size male with good conditioned fitness will burn roughly 500 calories after running 5 kilometers.

HIIT sessions vary widely.

A personal trainer in Abu Dhabi specialised in weight loss and nutrition can also provide specific information.


Abu Dhabi female trainer and fitness coach Jen - running exercises

Jogging in the summer does of course have its problems – mainly down to the heat.

Can (or does) a treadmill provide the same sort of workout for weight loss?


Yes absolutely. Treadmills have speed and gradient controls and so you are able to set the treadmill to speed that you would jog outside.

You can also intermittently increase and decrease the gradient (treadmill programs will do this for you) to simulate an outdoor run.

Many treadmills will allow you to enter your height and weight into the treadmill.

This allows the machine to more acutely calculate exactly how hard your body is working.

Ultimately, this can help you see how many calories you have burned.


In Summary, here are the best tips for weight loss by jogging or using HIIT fitness


Long Duration, Low Intensity Exercise Is Best


Walking Can Help You Burn Fat


HIIT Exercises Help You Lose Weight


Use A Treadmill To Jog 


Abu Dhabi At Home Personal Training – Jen

As a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi Jen is well qualified to provide at home or at your gym training. She can help with increasing your cardio health and also help you lose weight.

You can view Jen’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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