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Many seniors in the UAE suffer from arthritis and other mobility conditions. Some forms of exercise are too stressful on the joints but Yoga is low-impact and the ideal way to relieve some of the symptoms of arthritis.
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How can doing Yoga in the UAE help seniors and the elderly with conditions like arthritis?

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Arthritis is a painful condition but there are many way you can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort at home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah – Yoga is a great method for relieving some of the symptoms.

Arthritis is often associated with getting older. However, the condition can effect anyone of any age.

There are of course over the counter medications and pain relief for arthritis but there are other ways to manage the condition through effective but gentle exercise.

You should seek medical advice before starting any new exercise regime if you are a senior in the UAE or if you have a pre-existing medical condition. The information in this article is the view of the professional Yoga trainer and not medical advice.


Can Yoga help with arthritis?


Question: Can Yoga In The UAE Help Seniors With Arthritis or Similar Conditions?

Many people experience symptoms of arthritis in the UAE, due to such causes as incorrect diet, insufficient physical activities, stress and low immune system. That too, once faced with arthritis, many choose to stop any physical activity, thinking that it helps to reduce the pain and facilitates the problem. In fact, it only makes the case worse.

Yoga is definitely not a cure for arthritis, but it is the best way to introduce more body movement into your routine.

Yoga will help to reduce joint pain by improving joint flexibility and function.

Moreover, one of the most noticeable changes will be lower stress and tension, as yoga works through breathing techniques and meditation as well. Together, they promote better sleep and mood, which are very important on the way to a healthier life.


Can Yoga help with back pain?


Question: Many seniors in the UAE suffer with back problems relating to arthritic conditions. What are the best Yoga poses for back problem?

Most of the Primary series of Hatha yoga can be introduced into a person’s life with arthritis condition in the UAE.

These asanas are focused on correct body alignment and angles. However, depending on a person’s specificities of condition, many postures should be adjusted or modified.

However, it is not safe to practice yoga at home without a professional yoga trainer, be it arthritis or anything else.

Not only beginners, but also experienced yoga practitioners in the UAE are advised to take at least 3-5 classes with a professional yoga trainer, who has studied variations to yoga practice according to specific body conditions.

That too, many trainers would also show how to use specific props, which are beneficial for your practice.

They also make sure it is safe for you to train. Chairs, blocks, cushions, blankets, and other aids are very useful in this case, but it is not very easy to find online how to introduce them in the practice.

In order to promote safety of your practice, do take assistance from a certified yoga trainer in the UAE.


What other medical conditions can Yoga help with?


Question: Brittle bones and joint inflammation are also associated with aging. Does Yoga in the UAE help with these conditions too?

Yoga exercises for seniors in the UAEsolution if a person decides to introduce physical activities at a later age.

It is, indeed, harder to pick up dancing or jogging at this age, that too if there are any specific health conditions.

Yoga is a safe and very flexible way of exercising, where anyone can find a style, speed and intensity of training.

Introducing yoga into a lifestyle is a way to improve range of body motion, build muscle strength and achieve a better balance of mind and body.


What Yoga poses are best for arthritis?


Question: What are the best Yoga poses to help alleviate the symptoms often associated with arthritis in the elderly in the UAE?

There is no set number of asanas for people with arthritis, as there can be other factors to be taken into consideration.

In order to tailor a specific yoga program for each person, it is advisable to work with a personal yoga instructor, who will also collect such details, as the person’s blood pressure, any past injuries or surgeries, body alignment and strength, overall fitness level and well-being.

A professional, safe and beneficial yoga program should be based on the provided information.


How many times per week can seniors in the UAE practice Yoga?


Question: Being a professional Yoga Coach in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman how many times per week do you recommend your elderly clients practice Yoga for relief of arthritic and other mobility conditions?

It is advised to have yoga in a daily routine, at least 20 – 30 minutes a day.

However, with busy schedule of Dubai life, it is possible to practice yoga 3 times a week, with particular sets of «homework workout», which a trainer can provide at a training.

Along with achieving improvements in the body, it is beneficial to introduce breathing techniques and meditation. It will improve sleeping, overall mood level and positive attitude to life. These sessions can even be taken online, at least 2-3 times a week.

As a short conclusion, yoga is not a set of exercises, it is a lifestyle, which improves your quality of life, from physical and emotional points of view.

Yoga, in comparison with other physical activities, which come in and out of fashion (zumba, belly dance, crossfit, etc), has been practised for centuries, which is already a proven fact that it works.

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