Yoga For Men’s Health In Abu Dhabi, UAE

Yoga is great for general health and fitness and can be practiced by anyone but are there any specific benefits when it comes to men;s health and fitness?
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How does Yoga help with men's health and fitness in the UAE?

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Yoga is equally suitable for men and women, of any age. Are there any specific benefits to men's health in the UAE?

Question: Exercise and fitness is definitely not gender specific and this includes Yoga. Yoga is a beneficial exercise routine that can have great benefits for the mind and body. What overall benefits does yoga provide for men?

Exactly, that is one of the great thing about yoga. It does not matter what your gender, age, race or religion is. That being said, for a long-time yoga was practiced only by men.

The Ashtanga sequence was created for adolescent males, to help channel their youthful energy. It is a strong practice. Bikram, or hot yoga is also a strong, challenging practice.

Sometimes males enjoy the challenge of a stronger practice. Sometimes, a much slower, quieter practice, like yin yoga can be much more challenging. From a mental aspect, yin yoga can be much more challenging than a stronger practice.

Even a beginner’s yoga practice can be quite challenging. Yoga is more difficult than it initially looks.

Many males spend the majority of their day seated, whether at an office, or driving, or relaxing at home. Whilst there are many males that exercise, be it at gym, or a sport, stretching and meditation/self-discovery usually don’t feature much.

Recovery is an important part of physical health. Moving the body in all planes of motion and exploring the range of motion of each joint feels wonderful, especially after spending time in a fixed, seated position!

Each time you step onto the mat, is an opportunity to explore where the body is at, how it feels, what it needs and what movements are required. Breathing
techniques can be used to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest and digest” system.

Yoga can be helpful in dealing with anxiety and stress.

Yoga helps to improve one’s balance, strength, flexibility, patience and endurance. The connection to the breath is a powerful tool, not only on the mat, but also in daily life.

Practising yoga can be a wonderful, safe way to learn to process emotions, and explore the limits of the body. There are lots of different styles, so do some research and find a class that is suitable to your level of activity.


Yoga and sports injuries in men


Question: Sports and over training injuries are often seen in the world of men’s fitness – can yoga help to be a injury prevention exercise technique for men’s fitness in Abu Dhabi?

Yes. Maintaining a healthy range of motion in the joints helps to reduce risk of injury. In yoga, one learns the limits of their body. Over time, those limits can change, as flexibility increases.

Learning to breathe correctly can also be helpful to other sports/disciplines. Breath extension (or lengthening of the breath) helps the body to recover, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

The heart rate slows down, blood pressure decreases, fight-or-flight hormones stop being created (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol). Mental clarity improves.


Yoga poses for men’s fitness


Question: Are there any particular yoga poses that help with men’s fitness and if so can you explain what these poses are and how they can help?
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I think that this would be dependent upon the person. Different people have different requirements.

If there are any injuries, or pre-existing conditions, certain poses may not be good for those people.

The best thing would be to go to a group yoga class or have a private session with a certified yoga instructor.

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