Yoga In Dubai – How Often Should You Train For Best Results?

Yoga is great for many different reasons but how often should you be doing yoga in Dubai to get the best results? It largely depends on your fitness goals – read on for further information and tips.
How Often Should You Do Yoga In Dubai
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How Often Should You Do Yoga In Dubai To Get The Best Results?

Article Contributor: Andrew

We all know that Yoga is a great exercise for the body and mind but have you ever thought about how many times per week you should be doing Yoga in Dubai to get the best results?

Although there’s no ‘one size fits all’ to this question in this article we hope to provide you with some information on how many times you should be doing Yoga based mostly on your fitness goals.

Unlike high impact forms of exercise (weight training, HIIT, etc) Yoga is considered a low impact type of exercise which doesn’t put as much stress on the muscles or the body in general.

Because of this the number of times you can practice Yoga really depends on you and your schedule and how easy it is to fit your Yoga practice into your life.

Most Yoga teachers in Dubai and students who are advanced will do Yoga at least once per day, sometimes more.

Table Of Contents

What Is Yoga

If you’re reading this article then you will probably already know what Yoga is but for the newbies a brief recap.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that uses poses (asanas) to provide physical and mental health benefits.

We have plenty of articles about Yoga and the benefits it can provide but in brief Yoga can provide the following benefits:

• Stress relief and relaxation
• Weight loss
• Muscle toning
• Help with mental clarity
• Improved sleep
• And much more…..

How Often Should You Do Yoga?

As we mentioned above. There are no real restrictions on the number of times per week you can practice Yoga because unlike other fitness methods when you do Yoga you don’t necessarily need a recovery period.

Yoga forms part of your lifestyle and is a really good ‘habit’ to get into.

Although you can do Yoga everyday it does depend to a certain degree of your current fitness level and your level of experience in doing Yoga. What we mean by this for example is if you are very over weight you might find some yoga poses too difficult or tiring to do every day.

This is why when you start out you should use a Yoga personal trainer in Dubai because using their experience you will find you progress faster and ensure you are doing Yoga correctly in the early days of your practice.

Doing Yoga In Dubai Based On Your Goals

It’s often easier to fit your Yoga workouts into your schedule if you base your practice around your goals. A goal will provide you with focus and motivation but because Yoga makes you feel so great these goals will eventually become habit – part of your lifestyle.

Whether it’s seeing the results of Yoga personal training for weight loss or waking up and realising you are a much calmer person your motivation to do Yoga more frequently will definitely increase over time.

But…Yoga for beginners in Dubai can be difficult for some people. It’s not necessarily the Yoga poses that are difficult for beginners but the tendency to ‘run before you can walk’ is always present when you start reading more about how advanced poses are beneficial for fitness.

With this in mind it’s important to listen to your coach and your body before you start thinking about more complex asana’s and spending more time in the Yoga studio. Injury prevention is key.

Let’s take a look at how and why your fitness goal in Dubai should be a part of your thinking when considering how many times to do Yoga per week.

Yoga Online In Dubai

Yoga For Weight Loss - How Often?

More and more men and women in Dubai are starting to practice Yoga as a way to lose weight. Although there are more effective ways to lose weight through exercise (think cardio, running, dance fitness etc) Yoga can definitely help.

Yoga is of course ideal for all ages but if you are a senior, elderly or have a medical condition you will find Yoga is ideal for you because it’s not as strenuous as many methods for losing weight.

Of course you can’t out train a bad diet so using Yoga for weight loss will only help if you keep your nutrition in check too.

Many professional coaches in Dubai have an understanding of the principles of a ‘Yogic Diet’ which when combined with doing Yoga regularly can provide impressive and last results.

The key to losing weight with Yoga is consistency and the intensity of a Yoga workout.

If weight loss is your goal you should aim to do from 3 to 6 sessions per week. You might not see the weight fall off as you would with other exercise methods but considering Yoga provides other health benefits too it is well worth a try.

Yoga For Strength, Muscle Building & Body Toning

If your goal falls into any of the above categories Yoga is ideal.

Yoga is not just above being flexible (although it can make you super flexible and more mobile). It’s a process of using your bodyweight as an exercise tool too.

Instead of slogging it out in the gym proving your can press x amount of pounds you’ll use your bodyweight and gravity to provide a fully effective workout that stretches, tones and strengthens your muscles.

Just like lifting weights you can easily target different muscle groups too depending on the asanas you are doing.

Ashtanga, Power, and Vinyasa Yoga are all good choices when it comes to muscle, strength and body toning.

Also, just to mention. If you train hard then adding an element of Yoga to your post workout is a great way to relax the muscles and of course the mind.

So, how often should you do Yoga in Dubai if you’re focusing on muscle building, strength and body toning?

The answer here lies in your current fitness levels, your body type and of course how often you can train. Some men and women are naturally more flexible which means they will progress quicker than others.

You should aim for at least 3 times per week, more if possible. The more you learn the sooner you can do more advanced Yoga asanas to provide better results.

Yoga For Stress, Relaxation & Improved Sleep

Let’s face it. Dubai can be a hectic, fast paced city where many men and women are in stressful jobs.

Yoga can focus on reducing stress, not only by physically working on the muscles and joints but by teaching you great breathing methods too. These breathing techniques are proven to provide a calming, more relaxed you.

The more you practice Yoga for relaxation the better your technique will become, your breathing will improve and you’ll be able to cope with stressful situations much better.

Long term benefits of doing Yoga for relaxing the body and mind have been studied countless times and it’s a fact that the more you do Yoga the greater the benefits will be.

Sleep disorders are usually associated with other disorders. If you suffer a restless nights sleep it could be because you are stressed or worried or have some kind of chronic pain.

By focusing on relaxing the body and mind before you go to bed you are far more likely to get a good nights sleep which in turn sets you up nicely for the new day ahead.

How often should you do Yoga for relaxation?

The real beauty of Yoga for relaxation in Dubai is that it can be done anywhere by anyone and unlike other fitness goals which might take up more time relaxing and breathing techniques can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes a day.

dont count the days make the days count - UAE Perosnal Trainers Inspirational Quote

Yoga For Special Conditions

Doing Yoga as part of a fitness program during pregnancy in Dubai is perfectly safe if you know what you are doing or use the services of a prenatal personal trainer who has expertise when it comes to providing Yoga prenatal coaching.

Yoga during pregnancy has so many benefits. It can help you remain physically active, improve your flexibility and mobility and even help alleviate certain aches and pains like back ache.

If you have suffered from an injury or illness and want to get back on your feet as soon as you can Yoga is ideal for you too. Yoga for rehabilitation is much more gentle than other forms of training which in turn means you are less likely to make the problem worse.

So how often should you do Yoga in Dubai for injury rehabilitation or other special conditions?

This really depend on your circumstances, 3 times per week is ideal but the pace and intensity of your Yoga training needs to be decided by your professional coach.

Finally.....Can You Overdo It? In Other Words Too Much Yoga?

Is there such a thing as doing too much Yoga? The short answer is ‘not really’

The long answer. When you start to practice Yoga in Dubai on a regular basis it becomes a habit, part of your lifestyle – this is a good thing.

If your schedule allows you to practice everyday then great. If you find you are getting stressed because your day doesn’t allow you to practice as much as you want simply relax and fit your Yoga training in when you can.

Yoga can be enjoyed by everyone, there is no upper or lower age limit, the intensity of a class or private training can be adjusted to your own individual needs.

You can’t really overdo it when it comes to Yoga but it needs to be stressed that you need to take your time when learning, perfect your poses (asanas) before moving on to more difficult levels of Yoga.

In Summary.....

We hope this article has provided some insight into how many times you should be doing Yoga in Dubai.

Find the best male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or RAK.

Professional Yoga Coaches In Dubai

Tasneem is a female PT in Dubai with a wide range of experience. She can provide general fitness, pre and post natal training, weight loss, HIIT, senior fitness, fitness for rehabilitation and also Yoga. Online, home and gym training in Dubai.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: HIIT, Yoga, Pre Natal, Post Natal, Body Toning, Senior Fitness, Weight Management, Advanced Nutrition, Flexibility.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Rafaa is a fully qualified PT in Dubai with experience in many different health and fitness areas. She can provide training for pre and post natal ladies, work on your strength and muscle building, lose weight and also provide Yoga for flexibility and stress relief.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Pre & Post Natal, Yoga, Fat & Weight Loss, Cardio HIIT, Muscle & Strength, Bootcamp, Functional Fitness.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
If you want to learn Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or Meditation in Dubai Poonam can help. She provides one to one or group coaching for all ages throughout Dubai. She is also qualified to work with pre and post natal ladies.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Yoga For Kids, Seniors Yoga, Pre Natal, Post Natal.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Asmaa is a professional coach in Dubai who can help with many different aspects of fitness and flexibility training. This includes weight loss, body toning, stretching, diet and nutrition and also Aerial Yoga.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Strength, Cardio Fitness, Fat Loss, Weight Management, Wellness Coaching, Ladies Physique Improvement, HIIT.....
I Can Train: Women & Children
Learn Yoga in the comfort of your home in Dubai or even online with professional Yoga teacher Manu Lal. Hatha, Vinyasa and other Yoga training for all ages - private and groups.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Yoga For Beginners, Advanced Yoga Classes, Hatha Yoga, Stress Relief, Body Toning, Flexibility Training, Mobility.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Hema is a qualified and dedicated Yoga Teacher with more 13 years experience and has a Masters Degree in Yoga Science. She provides Yoga for well-being, weight loss, general fitness, rehabilitation and relaxation. Her aim is to teach her clients that Yoga improves your mental and your physical health.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Yoga For Well-Being, Beginners & Advanced, Pilates Coaching, Dance Fitness, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Online Yoga, .....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Whether you want to learn Yoga as a beginner or have some experience Rajesh is a Yoga Coach in Dubai who can provide customised private and group classes in the comfort of your own home or outdoors. All ages and abilities.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Yoga For Beginners, Advanced Yoga, Wellness Coaching, Seniors Yoga, Yoga For Relaxation, Flexibility Coaching.....
I Can Train: Men, Women, Children

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