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Learn how to play tennis in Abu Dhabi with professional coach Mehdi. Lessons available for 1-2-1 and groups at home or other locations. Classes suitable for beginners and advanced players.

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PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

About Abu Dhabi Tennis Coach Mehdi

Are you looking for a professional male tennis coach in Abu Dhabi? With his extensive coaching experience across the globe, he offers a meticulously designed and well-structured tennis lesson that is suitable for players of all levels.

Mehdi emphasizes a holistic approach to coaching with the integration of consistent techniques, tactics, drills, and exercises. He uses various pedagogical and game-based strategies to create an enjoyable and productive experience for his students. With his positive energy and over 12 years of coaching experience, you can expect nothing but the best tennis training available in the UAE.

Mehdi is devoted to taking your tennis game to greater heights and unleashing your full potential on the court.

How Can Mehdi Help You?

Mehdi started his tennis ambition at the age of 4, he had the opportunity to start young , due to his father occupation as a tennis coach, he enjoyed playing tennis in Morocco ,and since 8 years old ,he was participating in National tournaments and some ITF Junior competitions.

Mehdi didn’t abandon his studies , and in the meantime his love to this game had grown . So he decided to dedicate more time to research and learn from professional coaches who afforded him the first opportunity to be a tennis coach for kids groups in 2011.
He got a positive feedback from the clients and tennis experts and that motivated him to impulse reaching a higher level of knowledge and cognition.

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Mehdi's Training Qualifications

AES 1 : 2014 Based on pedagogy, games, basic techniques
BAES 2 : 2017 Based on competition programs for advanced players

Contact Mehdi Hana

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You can take your tennis lessons at various locations in Abu Dhabi including your home. 

Additional Information

Mehdi will make you enjoy tennis from the first session, good observation and quick correction, video analysis and following up service to reach the next level.

Each player is required to provide their own racket, all other equipment will be provided by Mehdi .

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