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Personal Training, corrective exercise and total body fitness at home in Dubai or at your gym. Lucy can help ladies and men in Dubai lead a fit and healthy life with customised training programs including weight loss, body toning, strength, prenatal exercise plans and general fitness.

Dubai Female PT for fat loss and body toning - Lucy


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Fitness Coach Lucy

Dubai fitness coach Lucy is an avid fitness enthusiast, driven by her passion for assisting others in achieving their fitness goals. Her dedication to helping people has led her to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer.
Lucy specialises in empowering women in Dubai, guiding them towards increased self-confidence and body positivity. Through a combination of tailored exercise routines and training methods, she assists her clients in shedding excess fat, building muscle and strength, tone their body, improve their general fitness and enhancing their overall stamina.
In addition to her expertise as a personal trainer, Lucy is also a skilled corrective exercise specialist. With her extensive knowledge and abilities, she can provide training for individuals recovering from illness or injury.
Lucy’s approach extends beyond just physical fitness. She places great emphasis on facilitating a complete lifestyle transformation for her clients. Alongside exercise and training, she offers guidance on developing a healthier relationship with food, improving sleep patterns, and acquiring coping mechanisms to manage daily stress.
With Lucy as your fitness coach, you can expect a holistic approach that addresses both your physical and mental well-being. Her ultimate goal is to empower you to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

How Can Lucy Help You?

As a female personal fitness specialist in Dubai, Lucy empathises with the challenges of balancing work, family, and self-care. She understands how overwhelming it can be to juggle these responsibilities and still find time to take care of oneself.
Even for full-time mothers, the demands of motherhood can consume time and energy, leaving little room for exercise or self-care. Lucy recognises the exhaustion that can come from constantly caring for others.
That’s why Lucy is dedicated to helping women in similar situations find a fitness routine that fits their busy lifestyles. She understands that their schedules are often packed, so she works with them to create a plan that is manageable and sustainable.
In addition to exercise, Lucy also focuses on nutrition. She helps her clients find a nutrition plan that works well for them, taking into account their individual needs and preferences. She believes that nourishing the body with the right foods is essential for overall well-being.
But Lucy’s approach goes beyond just physical health. She emphasizes the importance of self-care and finding ways to prioritise oneself without neglecting other important areas of life, such as career, motherhood, or being a wife. She believes that by taking care of ourselves, we become better equipped to take care of others.
So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, Lucy is here to support you on your journey to a healthier and more balanced life. She will help you find ways to stay active, develop a nutrition plan that suits you, and learn to prioritise self-care without sacrificing other important aspects of your life. With Lucy’s guidance, you can achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Lucy's Training Qualifications

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Corrective Exercise Specialist
First Aider
UAE Reps Number : 12083

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There is no set number of sessions you might need. It depends on your long term training goals. Contact Lucy for full information and advice.

Lucy can provide nutrition guidance.

No special training equipment is required if you choose to workout at home in Dubai.

If your gym in Dubai allows access to freelance fitness coaches you can take your PT sessions there. Otherwise there are other locations where you can train including at home and online. 

Additional Information

Lucy can provide workouts based on many different training methods, all with your end goals in mind. This includes:

  • Resistance Training
  • HIIT
  • Boxing
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Mobility and flexibility

The training equipment you will use in your workouts depends on your goals and often includes:

Machines, kettlebell, Dumbbell, Resistant Bands, stability balls, boxing pads

Lucy's Reviews & Success Stories

Cellulite gone!!

I really want to say thank you for the support you have shown me on my fitness journey. About my cellulitis, they are no more. My food habits are super after following every step you gave me and a lot has changed. The 21 days challenge you gave me worked so well. It was hard at first but you made me believe it was possible. I feel now working out and taking care of my body and being patient with myself is my goal. Thanks a lot.
Client from Dubai

I am still so excited about the changes I have seen over the last 4 months. I have lost 11kg, my skin is tighter. I looks and feel great and have so much more energy. When I started personal training with lucy I was a bit skeptical that I would see results. But, Lucy has been so helpful and supportive during my fitness journey. I can't thank her enough.
Lucy's client

Aside from losing weight around my belly to a point I can see my packs , I can actually wake up and go about my day without coffee, I have this amazing energy that I just can’t explain…
Lucy Wangui Maina

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