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Body Toning, Weight Loss & Strength Personal Training At Home In Abu Dhabi For Men & Women

Getting in great shape at home in Abu Dhabi can be achieved with a personal fitness program provided by Elina. Weight loss, toning , muscle building, kickboxing and more.

Abu Dhabi Female PT Elina Svitina


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

About Abu Dhabi Coach Elina

Abu Dhabi fitness coach Elina is an Internationally Certified Personal trainer, Level 3.

Having a passion about healthy lifestyles has led Elina to join the Fitness Industry & Profession.

With more than 7 years experienced in fitness, 3 of which are involved in bodybuilding, Elina knows what it takes to get in great shape and ultimately stay fit and healthy.

Being an athlete herself and helping people to achieve their fitness & health goals is something that brings her happiness & satisfaction.

Elina can train adults & school age children who have very diverse needs and goals when it comes to exercise and eating healthily. 

She always likes to implement an individual approach with all her clients based on their health & fitness goals paying attention to details and monitoring their progress from day one.

One of her main working qualities is her clients satisfaction level, she always tries her best to exceed their expectations.

Key features of her PT service in Abu Dhabi are Punctuality, Flexibility, Friendly approach and Professionalism.

Elina is here to motivate, encourage and support people to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.

How Can Elina Help You?

Elina can help you to achieve your body & health goals by offering:

1. personalized & customized workout programming & nutrition advise.
2. Gain muscles
3. weight (fat) loss
4. Gain weight
5. Increase overall body strength

✔ Diversed training approach
✔ Customized meal plans
✔ Supplements advise
✔ Goals/ results focused trainings
✔ Attention to details
✔A ttention to correct performance form
✔ Clients consultation
✔ Clients assessment
✔ Motivation and full support
✔ Program adjustments, goals revision, new goals setting

What you can expect from Elina as PT:

✔ Accountability
✔ Knowledge
✔ Professionalism
✔ Encouragement
✔ Results

Promotions & Packages

Various packages, discounts and promotions are available during the year. If packages and promotions are listed below these are provided for guidance only. Contact the coach for full information and up-to-date pricing and applicable discounts.

Elina's Training Qualifications

Active IQ certificate in Gym instructing and Personal Training, Level 3

Contact Elina Svitina

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This depends on your goals. Contact Elina for full information and advice.

Basic nutrition advice about healthy eating and a balanced diet will be provided. Elina helps to revise & maximize her clients meal plans based on their fitness goals.

Elina can provide smaller items of training kit if you prefer to train at home. Bodyweight training can also be incorporated into your coaching programe.

Yes, Elina trains also clients at their facility gyms & home in Abu Dhabi. 

The UAE Personal Trainers website is not a booking platform. Bookings for personal training services are made directly with the trainer and each trainer has their own policies. Before entering into a contract with a personal trainer you should check their booking, payment, cancellation and refund  policy.

Additional Information

Elina uses a variety of exercise methods depending on her clients abilities, needs and goals, this often includes:

Core workouts
Muscle building/ Bodybuilding
Body toning/ shaping
Fitness ( Cardiovascular) training
Resistance training
Functional training
Endurance training
Strength training
Circuit trainung

Training at home or in the gym in Abu Dhabi can involve using the following training equipment:

Weight machines
Free weight (dumbbells, kettlebell, weight plates)
Step ups, resistance bands
balance balls, slam balls, medicine balls
Battle rope
Jumping box
body weight

Elina's Reviews & Success Stories

Review on personal trainer Elina

Elina is extremely professional, puntual and flexible. Always motivates you to go the extra mile. Is very structured in her training approach and always comes prepared with a very clear daily workout plan. i have trained with quite a few trainers before but Elina is the best. Her entire philosophy to fitness is about training the body and mind together. she is also a great motivator and philosopher and brings out the best in you. Her training is holistic and also extremely safe. she ensures all the correct postures to ensure mitigation from any potential sports injuries. she takes great efforts not only in training you but also on your meal plans and general health and wellbeing. her dedication to enabling the achievement of her client's fitness goals is unparalleled. thank you Elina ! i highly recommend anyone to train with Elina … its fantastic for the body, mind and soul !
Rajiv Sehgal

Personal trainer Elina

تدربت مع ايلينا قبل 6 شهور والصراحه حسيت في الفرق بدون مجاملة من جميع النواحي اولا تهتم في العميل او الشخص الي يتمرن عندها بشكل كبير والشي الثاني صار عندي فرق في الجسم من حيث التمارين وتنوعها الصراحه من افضل المدربين في ابوظبي واتمنى كل الي يشوف الرساله يتدرب معاها وعلى ضمانتي
Mansour Alfalahi

Personal trainer Elena

What sets Elena apart from other trainers is her positive attitude and her ability to motivate and inspire her clients. She genuinely cares about her clients' progress and always goes the extra mile to ensure that they are getting the best out of their training. Her passion for fitness and her commitment to helping her clients achieve their goals are truly remarkable. Overall, I highly recommend Elena as a personal coach to anyone looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. She is a true professional who is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals, and I am grateful to have her as my trainer..

The start of a golden age

Ill be honest here. Elina isnt your average trainer. I had multipe surgeries in my life. And been with over 6 trainer in hopes of recovering. Elina is somthing else. The passion and effort she puts into her work. No one compares. She will analyze everything about you. And configure your training. You will start to enjoy training with her. Craving to train. You will see your goals being reached. I tried for years with so many trainers. Elina is on her own class. The level of care for her clients no one matched it. And the way she motivates you. Pushes you beyond your limits. Ill say this from experience. Shes one of a kind. Just listen to her. And watch your goal being achieved.


Elina is by far one of the best I have ever trained with very professional pays attention to your training I highly recommend her to anyone that’s wishes to reach their fitness goals

Elina's Video Reviews

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