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With more than 20 years experience, John is an advanced PT in Dubai for weight loss, strength, muscle building, speed and more. At home coaching programs available for men, women and children. Online Dubai PT can also be included.

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PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Personal Trainer John

John is a level 3 personal trainer who has worked in Dubai for the past 6 years at various locations including the warehouse gym and seven gym as a freelance coach.  He has a background in military fitness having served in the British Army for 5 years. 

He got his first set of dumbbells when he was 13 and this is when his passion for fitness started and continues to this day.

His time in the army taught John that with the right training techniques, the right training program and self-determination you can meet and exceed your fitness goals. He knows how to push you past your limits even if you have tried and failed in the past. Quitting is not an option when training with John so you are guaranteed to look and feel great. 

John is a motivational coach who advocates a smart training approach. It’s about more than how much you can lift or how many reps you can do. His training methods are about getting you the best results from each session while maximising longevity and injury prevention. 

John has worked with leading fitness centres in the UK including David Lloyd gyms and for the past 18 months has been helping men and women in Dubai get fitter, stronger and healthier with body transformation training, strength and muscle building coaching, weight management and more. 

How Can John Help You?

John is an all-rounder with excellent training and communication skills. 

Having been involved in fitness for more than 20 years means he has developed a thorough understanding of new training techniques combined with tried and tested methods. 

Using his experience and qualifications he can help you change your body, improve your fitness levels and create sustainable lifestyle changes that are designed to last in the long term. 

Whether it’s body composition (muscle building or fat loss), strength training, speed and power training, or whether just to help you to enjoy your training again John can create a personalised training program just for you. 

John’s best skills are being able to understand that everyone is individual, no two people are the same and that training needs to be tailored to your personality as well as your goals.

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John's Training Qualifications

Level 3 Personal trainer Diploma
Nutrition & Weight Management Certificate
Advanced Resistance Programming
Kettlebell Instructor
Circuit Training Instructor
UAE REPS 177312

Contact John Frankish

You can contact John by clicking the WhatsApp or Telephone icons below. 

Alternatively, please complete the contact form and John will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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This depends on your reasons for hiring a fitness coach. Contact John for full information and advice about how many sessions you might need.

John can provide diet and nutrition advice as part of your training program. Good nutrition goes hand in hand when it comes to training for a particular goal. 

If you choose to train at home in Dubai John can provide smaller items of training equipment which are more than adequate for most training goals. If your goal requires access to a gym you can use your building gym or other locations in Dubai. 

If your local gym in Dubai allows you to train with a freelance PT John can provide your training sessions there. Otherwise there are other locations you can use. Ask John for further information and advice. 

Additional Information

Over the years John has developed a wide and varied understanding of how different exercise and training techniques can be tailored to your fitness goal. He gets great results for his PT clients in Dubai when using a combination of:


  • Muscle Building Exercises
  • Fat Loss Training
  • Strength Workouts
  • Speed Development
  • Circuit Training
  • HIIT Programs
  • Boxing For Fitness

PT John has experience working on and with the following training kit which can be combined in your program to get the best results:


  • Bodyweight Training
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Cable Machines
  • Medicine Ball
  • Battle Rope
  • TRX Suspension Training Kit

John's Reviews & Success Stories

Perfect Trainer For Weight Loss

He is the guy who help me to build my muscles and change my fitness routine and get me back on the track to lose weight.
Hitanshu Gajera

A Master in Fitness

I have worked with personal trainers in New York and Dubai and John is in a class by himself. His focus, passion and attention to detail are unmatched. He designs a long term plan and executes it in phases. A true professional, John prepares for each session with a full agenda of exercises which are a path to the ultimate goal.

Genuine guy who gets great results.

Amid my busy schedule, training with PT John keeps me physically fit but also mentally strong. I look forward to my sessions with him and always feel a sense of achievement afterwards. He’s a great guy, who is fun, easy to talk to, listens to what you want and, most uniquely in Dubai, he is genuine in his approach towards training. I’ve learned simple yet effective things such as how to breathe properly (you wouldn’t the impact that can make on your abilities!) and my fitness has shown a marked improvement. John has achieved this by building up my strength over time so that I have never felt embarrassed or helpless, which has been a problem in the past since I’m not naturally sporty. He would be a great find for anyone new to training or a little nervous about it – you’ll be surprised what you can do with PT John besides you.

Great personal trainer

John is a great trainer that is not only knowledgeable but also a genuine person. He understands your fitness needs and works with your physical abilities and hindrances to ensure your needs are met. He pays very close attention to your form, (which most trainers don’t do) to ensure you don’t get injured. All in all an overall good person that is highly skilled at personal training.

Super thorough and attentive

I was a complete beginner to the gym when I first started training with John, what I have learned from him over the past few months has been amazing. He’s extremely supportive, patient and knowledgeable. I was very nervous to take the first step when it came to my fitness but John made the experience seamless and enjoyable. I’m so happy with how far I have come in regards to my fitness and confidence. I would recommend John to anyone looking for a trainer!

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