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Specialist Health & Fitness Programs For Adults & Seniors. Body Transformation - Rehabilitation Coaching - Yoga & Pilates - HIIT For Cardio - Prenatal Coaching

As a fully qualified and reps registered PT in Dubai Katerina can help with all aspects of health and fitness including body transformation, pilates, yoga and holistic health. Children and and specialist senior fitness programs.

Dubai Female Personal Trainer - Katrina


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Health & Fitness Coach Katerina

Katrina is a health coach, nutritionist and personal trainer in Dubai, who is helping men and women of all ages and physical conditions to lead healthier lives.

She provides both private and small group training at your convenience – at home, in your gym or outdoors.

With more than 10 years of experience, Katrina can help you to lose weight and gain muscles, manage diabetes and hormonal disbalances, improve your flexibility with yoga and pilates, incorporate healthy nutrition into your lifestyle or reduce your stress with meditation and breathing techniques. She will help you to stay fit during and after pregnancy with fully qualified pre and post natal workouts, and also help you recover after injury or illness with safe and effective rehabilitation exercises.

Katerina is also a specialist when it comes to elderly and senior fitness in Dubai. Helping seniors improve with mobility and lifestyle with dedicated senior fitness training programs. 

If you feel stressed or just need to relax more, Katerina provides Yoga and breathwork classes which are designed to help you feel more relaxed and also help you become more flexible. 

How Can Katerina Help You?

Dubai Personal Trainer Katerina will help you incorporate healthy lifestyle choices in your every day routine and reach any fitness goals without strict diets, exhausting workouts and hours of cardio. 

Her approach to being healthy and fit is to take a look at all aspects of your lifestyle, not just fitness. 

She will teach you holistic approach to fitness and nutrition, help you to understand your body better and how to get in a perfect shape and health.

Working together to achieve the body shape your want without drastic changes or sacrifices for your usual nutrition and habits.

Teaching you how to eat your favourite food without damaging your health – and how to do most effective workouts, designed specifically for you. Get in touch and book your first consultation

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Katerina's Training Qualifications

ISSA personal trainer qualification
ISSA nutrition qualification
Pre and post natal qualified training
Rehab qualified
Pilates qualified

Contact Katerina

You can contact Katerina by clicking on the WhatsApp or Telephone icons below. 

Alternatively, please complete the contact form below and Katerina will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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This depends on your training needs and goals. Get in touch with Katerina for full information and advice. 

 Nutrition guidance, supplements and vitamins advice

No specialist training equipment is required if you would prefer to train at home in Dubai. 

If your gym allows you to train with a freelance personal trainer you can train there. 

Additional Information

The exercise methods used will depend on your needs and goals. This often includes. 

  • Muscle building for strength and physique improvement
  • Pilates for stretching, posture correction and flexibility
  • Yoga for flexibility and relaxation
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for cardio fitness

Katerina uses a wide variety of training equipment to get you the best possible results. 

Free weights, body weight, machines, bands, resistance machines

Katerina's Reviews & Success Stories

Best trainer!!

I have never trained before and never had a PT but after postpartum i wanted to get in shape and found Katrina, she really inspired and motivated me to eat healthier, workout more and create a better lifestyle in general! It felt easy with her as she is very kind and understanding! She really takes her time to understand your habits, level of strength and so on, so she can create your plan accordingly. Amazing trainer!

Best Trainer in UAE

Katerina has been my health and wellbeing coach for six incredible years, and what a transformative journey it has been! During this time, I not only lost 11 kilograms and successfully maintained it, but I also witnessed a significant improvement in my mental health and hormonal balance. Katerina has been more than just a coach; she's been a wonderful friend, and our sessions have been nothing short of amazing. We worked hard, but we also had a lot of fun. Thanks to Katerina's guidance, I was able to strengthen my back, neck, and knees, which used to ache constantly due to my long working hours. Even during the challenging times of COVID-19, Katerina ensured that I stayed active by conducting online sessions, and we consistently maintained our fitness regimen. Her punctuality was impeccable, and I always felt rejuvenated after our sessions. Regardless of your age, Katerina knows the most effective and healthiest ways to train your body. She has a deep understanding of what works best for each individual. Katerina isn't just a coach; she's one of my closest friends, and that bond will endure forever. Thank you for everything!

I know Katerina for 8 years now and for 6 months now she is training me and results are very inspirational! Plus she is always in a great mood when giving a training, always on time, always giving new excessive to keep it fun and effective. It’s a pleasure to train with her.

Great coach!

Katrina has been training me during my pregnancy and it was really great experience! She's very knowledgeable both about safe exercises and proper nutrition, attentive, fun to work with and flexible with changing training routines according to your health conditions and fitness level. Would highly recommend Katrina if you want to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy!

Katerina's Video Reviews

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Katerina's Articles & Classes

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