Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer – Aileen

Specialist Weight Loss PT, Nutrition Planning & Guidance, Yoga & Pilates, Ladies Strength Building and Body Transformation Coaching In Abu Dhabi

With more than 10 years experience, Abu Dhabi PT Aileen is an expert in weight loss and strength building programs for ladies. Customised fitness packages that can also include Yoga and Pilates workouts for total body conditioning. At home and online programs are available.

Aileen Graham - Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer – Aileen

Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer & Yoga Coach Aileen has been working in the Health & Fitness industry for over 12 years.

Available for at home fitness, Aileen Specializes in weight loss transformations for Adults, strength training, health and performance and also Yoga for relaxation and flexibility.

Working with her clients to not only get them into great shape with the in person training sessions, but also to give clients the knowledge to confidently make better food choices and to lead a healthier lifestyle with easy to follow advice.

Aileen understands the difficulties of a busy family & work life and she firmly believes in working together with her clients to create a balanced program that clients will commit to for the long term to get the results they want.

Not only has Aileen worked with a wide variety of clients but she is always learning the latest research and industry trends to give you the most accurate and informed health and fitness advice.

How Can Aileen Help You?

Aileen has been working in the Health & Fitness industry for over 10 years and based in the UAE since 2009.

Aileen has worked in various roles within the Health and Fitness industry really giving her the edge when it comes to experience and working with clients in Abu Dhabi face to face.

A Qualified Personal Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Instructor with a background in Community Sports Development, Health & Recreation Management.

Aileen is passionate about Health, Fitness & Wellness Programmes and Yoga coaching in Abu Dhabi using her experience to help people change their habits and reach their goals.

Aileen wants her clients in Abu Dhabi to feel empowered to learn and grow a genuine interest for their health to allow them to gain healthy habits for life.

Personal Training is completely individual and she takes time with each client establishing which training styles suit them. Clients will usually have a resistance training approach to increase lean muscle and lose fat.

This approach gives the most pleasing look for most people’s body and also works to get strong for everyday tasks and to feel fantastic.

Performance, Health and Body Composition (Aesthetic Physical Changes) are combined for a balanced approach to health and wellness.

Aileen teachers Yoga to beginners and those looking to increase flexibility or simply unwind, re focus and decrease every day stress.

Promotions & Packages

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Aileen's Training Qualifications

L3 Advanced Personal Trainer
Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga Instructor
STOTT Mat Pilates and Advanced STOTT Mat Pilates Instructor
EIQ Nutrition Certified Advisor
OCR Teaching Exercise & Fitness
Client Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment
TechnoGym Master Trainer
First Aid & De Fib Qualified
Community Sports Leader
Circuit Training Instructor

Contact Aileen Graham

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Aileen can provide more information on the number of sessions it might take to reach your fitness goals. She does provide various packages for all levels and abilities.

If you are looking for a weight loss transformation or to improve your health this is a key focus and an essential part of all of my programs

All you will require is comfortable clothes suitable for exercise and trainers.

If your gym allows you to train with a freelance PT in Abu Dhabi Aileen can train you there. Alternatively you can train at home or another suitable location.

Additional Information

Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer Aileen works with clients to find the right program for the individual. With the majority of people looking for weight loss and health improvements this area has become a focus for Aileen.

Aileen has seen a dramatic rise in obesity in young adults and now specialises in creating fun and effective training programs for inactive young adults struggling to lose weight in Abu Dhabi.


  • Weight Loss & Nutrition
  • Private & Group Yoga Classes
  • Body Transformation
  • Fitness For Teenagers In Abu Dhabi
  • Rehabilitation Training
  • Strength & Body Conditioning
  • Body Toning & Sculpting
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Specialist Training For Seniors
  • Pilates Coaching
  • Cardio Workouts (HIIT)

Working with Aileen you will learn how to lift weights in a safe and effective way, how to incorporate more activity in your day to day life without having to go to the gym. As well the option to learn as you like boxing fitness, kettle bell techniques, barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

Aileen provides all the tools for clients to have fun and effective workouts without having to purchase any equipment unless they wish to do so.

Aileen teachers Yoga to beginners and those looking to increase flexibility or simply unwind, re focus and decrease every day stress.

Aileen offers multiple types of online personal training. This means whether you live in Abu Dhabi or not you can still use her coaching services. Online coaches has many advantage, including:

Training from the comfort of your home, working with a trainer anywhere in the world, time-effective, convenient, easy to connect & can fit in well with a busy schedule.


Virtual (online) Personal Training Services:


1. Online Nutrition Coaching

Is aimed at people that are struggling to lose weight, or in some cases gain weight. Perhaps you simply do not know where to start or may have tried and failed with many other diets and approaches in the past. We will work together to improve your current habits and get you moving in a clear direction towards your goals, in a healthy and sustainable way.


Online Nutrition Coaching – What is included?

  • Personalised calorie requirements and guidance on how to track your calories.
  • Orientation meeting via Zoom to go through everything you need to know to get you started on the program.
  • Unlimited access to me to answer your questions via WhatsApp or email.
  • An excel sheet to plan your meals and record your measurements
  • Access to my Facebook support group
  • Weekly online check-in – From these, I will offer additional advice and feedback.


2. Zoom Personal Training & Yoga

Convenient training delivered to you via Zoom. Simply switch on your laptop, smartphone at the time arranged and the session will begin. You can even link it to your TV for maximum viewing.


3. Personalised Home or Gym workouts

Programmed specifically for you and your goals. For home training, you can refer to my Youtube channel to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly.


Aileen has extensive knowledge of exercises for people that may not have any equipment or have very little. She can work with anyone with or without equipment. However, she does encourage people to add items such as Dumbbells, Kettlebells, resistance bands, etc over time.

Aileen's Reviews & Success Stories

A very motivating coach

I started of with personal training at home in Abu Dhabi, until Aileen introduced to Yoga! I’ve always hated yoga. But when we started, i never stopped! She is accurate, a great coach and very motivating. Namaste!

I feel stronger and happier

I've been training with Aileen for 9 months and I love the results I'm seeing! I feel stronger and happier. Aileen has changed the way I look at fitness and clean eating; and I look forward to new training methods she still has to teach me.
Rana Bayati From Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Aileen's Articles & Classes

In today’s modern world we are so loaded with all sorts of distractions and being overstimulated leads to stress involving and impacting adults, we often forget that children are also surrounded and the most affected by these things.
Many parents in the UAE are concerned that kids are not getting enough exercise. Even younger children can benefit from adding some extra-curricular exercise to their week.

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