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Level 3 Personal Trainer With Experience in Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Sports Performance Coaching and Rehabilitation Exercise In Abu Dhabi

Whether you suffer with weight problems, want to increase your strength and endurance or work on your sports performance, Abu Dhabi coach Gerald can help. Programs for all ages and abilities.

Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer - Gym Coach - Gerald


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

About Abu Dhabi Coach Gerald

Abu Dhabi Personal Fitness Coach Gerald has been a Qualified personal trainer for 7 years and before 2015 which was the start of his Personal Training Career, he was an Athletic Coach for field and track items as well as a Field hockey coach.

Gerald has been doing sport since the age of 8 years old and started training in a gym environment from the age of 14 with a coach at the high school gym. He has ran various 10km races and participated in sports like Rugby, cricket, hockey squash and athletics so he knows what the human body is capable of when you work hard and stay focused on the weekly exercises needed to achieve that next level of your body’s capabilities.

Gerald is kind individual, but tough at the same time which is needed to get the results. he knows how to motivate you to do what it takes for you to be happy with your body.

He has helped many clients In Abu Dhabi to reach their goals and has progress photos which clients can use to appreciate their hard work that they have put in.

If you have specific training needs and require assistance infixing your food, Gerald can help you understand what food does for your body, how you can change your food habits and he will do extra research if needed when you need that extra help with a difficult body problem.

How Can Gerald Help You?

If you are looking to build up body strength, lose excess fat, improve your fitness, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure or do rehab and strengthening of weak knee or hip joints, Gerald can help you with all of this.

If you struggle with food and discipline to eat the correct type of food or lack the motivation to start your body transformation in the gym, give Gerald a Call to help you with all the above.

Gerald can work with kids in Abu Dhabi and older people that are scared of hurting themselves in the gym as safety and correct form of training is the most important aspect of improving body health.

Females or Males the need Specific training needs that you find difficult to overcome can ask him to help you with that.

Strength & Conditioning coaching is his specialization which can help sport individuals take their performance to a more professional level. Gerald can easily help you with the usual fat loss needs, body toning increase legs and glutes muscles for females, help build muscles for the guys who want to get bigger or stronger.

Gerald believes in a combination of both cardio and resistance training with a few training exercises from CrossFit exercises is needed to help the body tone up, get strong and lose the fat as fast as possible. Stretching is also highly recommended he said to avoid injuries in the body and have fully mobilized joints.

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Gerald's Training Qualifications

Personal Training Qualification Level 3
Strength and Conditioning Certificate
Elite Trainer Certificate

Contact Gerald Gruen

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This depends on your goals in Abu Dhabi. Contact Gerald for further information. 

When it comes to nutrition, the most important thing to keep in mind is to eat the amount of calories that suites your body weight and lifestyle.

Keep sugars low. Eat enough good carbs if you have a busy lifestyle and keep the carbs low if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

Always eat vegetables and fruits and get the right amount of proteins in your body for weight and training habits.

Always search the nutritional value and calories of the food you eat so you understand what that food does to your body.

You don’t need any special training equipment at home in Abu Dhabi. Gerald will provide advice about smaller items of equipment that might be useful.

There are various locations where you can workout in Abu Dhabi including at home, your gym or your building gym. 

Additional Information

During his PT programs in Abu Dhabi Gerald likes to use a diverse range of training techniques to help you reach your fitness goals. This often includes:

  • Muscle building
  • HIIT and Cardio
  • Flexibility and Mobilization
  • Strong core workouts
  • Fat Loss
  • Improve Fitness
  • Strength and Conditioning

Gerald has the knowledge and experience to use many different types of training equipment, including:

  • Resistance machines
  • Free weights
  • Kettle bells
  • Plyo Boxes
  • Treadmill
  • Rowing Machine
  • Body weights exercises
  • Core Trainings

Gerald's Reviews & Success Stories

Gerald goes above and beyond

You will not find a better trainer! Gerald goes above and beyond for his clients, he customized the workouts around my specific needs, and instead of working around my back injury he actually improved and strengthened it! He is very respectful and understanding and always gives great advice for motivation and diet, he really develops you holistically. I would hands down recommend him to anyone because he truly cares about your health and well-being, not just your fitness level.

Great trainer

Gerald is a great trainer. I have been with him for a year now, and I have seen some amazing changes. What makes Gerald different to other trainers is not only does he tailor the sessions to your needs and goals, he also knows when he should push you to your limits and when to stop; this has been great for preventing injuries as I cannot afford to get injured. Ever since I have been with Gerald, I have felt physically and mentally better. The sessions are always enjoyable; we talk about everything! He also gives great life advice. I always recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trainer.
Mohamed Alhashmi
Best trainer in AD, no competition. Knows what he is talking about. Helped me lose more than 30kgs of fat while gaining muscles. You need to listen to him and follow his instructions so the magic can happen.
Khalid Aldoseri

Great motivation techniques

Really great at motivating the client, I lost 12kg through his instructions. I feel safe with his training style and continue to train with him, mostly to maintain good health and keeping my body in shape.
Mohamed Zaki
i've been training for a long time with several personal trainers but I didn't notice any difference in my body, but when I started training with Gerald I've lost alot of fat and gained a lot of muscle mass.. I recommend to train with him coz he's the best and he knows how to make you reach your goal.
Ahmed Alsuwaidi

I've built a solid routine..

Best fitness trainer in Abu Dhabi no doubt. I’ve never been confident going to the gym before, but being with him for over a year now, he helped me build a solid routine to feel more confident in the gym and see some great changes in my body. He always aims to cater the workouts to maximize effectiveness whilst also taking into account potential injuries, allowing for consistent and satisfying progress. The sessions are always enjoyable and fun too. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to start training.
Ali Alshamsi

Positive changes…

Perfect in every way. Coach Gerald has helped me change my life positively in all aspects. He helps you to believe in yourself. He helped me lose from 60 kg to as low as 45kg while always focusing on building up my muscles and body strength. After 4 years of training with him, I had to move to Dubai, I am very grateful for the journey he helped me go through.
Fatmah Alabdouli

Gerald's Video Reviews

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