Playing Tennis For Body Toning In Abu Dhabi

Tennis is an active, enjoyable sport that can be played by all ages. If you’re bored with the usual body toning workouts and methods tennis might be right for you. You’d be surprised how many fitness benefits there are to playing tennis on a regular basis in Abu Dhabi.
tennis for fitness in the UAE

Does playing tennis regularly help with body toning and physique improvement?

Article Contributor: Matt Inglis

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It’s surprising how fit you need to be to play tennis really well. Does this mean that playing tennis regularly in Abu Dhabi can help with body toning too?

Tennis is a hugely popular sports activity in Abu Dhabi. Play for fun or play for fitness. Playing regularly really does help you keep fit, active and flexible in more ways than you probably realise.

Can tennis help with body toning and physique improvement too? We asked a professional tennis coach in Abu Dhabi for his advice.


Can playing tennis help with body toning?


Question: Without doubt, playing tennis requires a certain level of overall fitness but as a professional tennis coach in Dubai do you think tennis can be used as an exercise method for body toning?

Yes! Because it helps to burn those unwanted calories and shed unwanted body fat. It improves your stamina while doing warm up exercises and activities during the lesson. Playing tennis also promotes proper blood circulation to our body because it is a cardio based exercise.


Is Tennis for fitness suitable for all ages in Abu Dhabi?


Question: For someone who wants to use a sporting activity as a method of fitness do you think starting to play tennis is a good choice for any age group in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, tennis is a good sport to play because you can learn at any age, any physical ability and it’s a wonderfully social game.

For the children, they can very easily have fun with the exercises and activities at every lesson.

For the adults, it will help them to stay active, fit and improve overall health.

A personal tennis coach in Abu Dhabi is a great choice to show you the ropes and also help you improve your tennis playing skills.


How does Playing Tennis help with body toning?


Question: For body toning in general what are the major upper and lower body muscle groups used when playing tennis.

Tennis really can provide you with an all over body workout, with a wide range of warm up exercises, drills, technique practice and match play a player will have a total body work out.

You can burn up to 600 calories per hour playing tennis it will provide a great workout under a professional coach.


Can Tennis for fitness help with specific goals?


Question: Can tennis also be used to focus on particular areas of body toning, for example the arms?

The arms are always in use for shots in tennis, like forehand, backhand, volley, smash and the serve.

It will help your arms to be strong and build muscle and definition. It will also increase mobility and flexibility from your core.


Top tips for Tennis for fitness in the UAE


Question: As a personal tennis coach in Dubai what would be your top tips for using tennis as a method of body toning and can you explain why you think these tips work?

For anyone paying Tennis, it can be a complete package all in one sport, just like you’re in the gym.

You can burn fats, calories, improve stamina, mobility, flexibility, and building lower and upper body muscles while doing warm ups and playing tennis.

Tennis is more cardio exercise because you really have to run to hit back and recover to enjoy the game.

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