How To Build A Great Six Pack In Dubai

It does take time, work and a great diet to get a really good set of abs. We asked a female PT in the UAE for her tips on how long it might take to get a great looking six pack.
fat loss vs weight loss in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Is there a secret to building a greay 6 pack (abs)? Not really – it just takes time, good diet and some hard work.

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How can you get a great set of abs in Dubai? We asked a female personal trainer for advice and tips.

A great looking set of abs (six pack) is something that many men and women aspire to. But, is it really difficult to get a great six pack?

A professional personal trainer from Dubai helped us with a few questions about the best ways to build your core and get that washboard look.


Question 1: A great six pack – admired and envied by many.


It doesn’t happen overnight which is disappointing to some people but with hard work and a great diet most people can get that washboard look. As a muscle building PT in Dubai what are your top 10 exercise methods for building and maintaining a great set of abs and can you explain why each is beneficial.

Firstly, let’s get something cleared up. A six pack isn’t going to happen overnight. No matter what TV in internet ads promise.

There are so many different ab exercises that you can do but I like to stick to two different sets which I rotate at the end of every workout.

The first set is to help target the Lower and Mid-section of the abs. I do two rounds working each exercise for 30 seconds and then a 30 second rest, at the end of the round I take 1 minute rest. All of these can be done in your own home in Dubai without any equipment and take a total time of 11 minutes for two rounds.

1 – Banana with Leg Kicks
2 – V Crunch with Leg Splits
3 – Sit Ups
4 – Leg and Hip Raise
5 – Plank

The second set is to help target the external obliques and upper abdomen. I do two rounds working each exercise for 30 seconds and then a 30 second rest, at the end of the round I take 1 minute rest.

All of these apart from number 1 and 5, for 1 you need a cable machine or resistance band, for 5 you need a heavy weight such as a bucket filled with sand.

1 – Neutral Wood Choppers
2 – Ankle Touches
3 – Russian Twist
4 – Bicycles
5 – Farmers Walks
6 – Opposite Hand Opposite Leg Touches (crunch)
7 – Side Plank


core workout classes in Abu Dhabi


Question 2: It’s often said that a six pack starts in the kitchen.


How true would you say this is and why is diet so important?

Everything is to do with diet when it comes to getting abs.

Technically, we all have abs but they are just lying under a layer of fat and the only way to get rid of that fat is a clean healthy diet.

If we are looking for fat loss, we need to calculate our basic metabolic rate BMR which will give us the amount of calories our body uses on a day to day basis.

Now all you need to do is be in a deficit to that figure eg, you burn 2000 kcals per day just for maintenance.

You need to eat 1700 kcals and that give you a deficit of 300 kcals which your body will go into the fat resources to get the extra 300 kcals.

Without a clean healthy diet and being in a 300 – 500 kcal deficit you will not be able to slim down enough for your abs to show through.

A fully qualified male or female personal trainer in Dubai can provide you with the best advice when it comes to you diet and nutrition plan.


Question 3: Sadly, building a great set of abs won’t happen overnight and many people lose motivation.


In your opinion how long can it take?

This really depends on the individual, whether they are carrying a lot of fat weight, how much time they can dedicate to training and much more. It would be best to speak with a fitness professional who can provide you with a better idea of timescales etc.

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