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Professional PT In Dubai – Boxing & Kickboxing – Muscle Building & Strength – Body Transformation & Lifestyle Coaching For Men & Women

Professional PT for weight loss and muscle building, boxing coaching and kickboxing training for all ages and abilities in Dubai with coach Sunday. At home, gym and outdoors.

Dubai personal trainer and nutrition coach - Sunday


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Boxing Fitness Coach Sunday

Sunday Olaleye is a certified personal trainer who can train clients in Dubai with diverse needs and goals.

With a career of more than 4 years in the fitness industry, Sunday coaches and helps people create a sustainable lifestyle with work and keeping fit.

Sunday has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to using tried and tested fitness methods and new method of coaching which are designed to provide his Dubai training clients with optimal results. 

Training for boxing fitness and kickboxing are his specialist areas but Sunday can also helps with many other needs too including weight loss, HIIT for cardio fitness, sports fitness coaching and improved flexibility. 

Sunday creates dynamic exercises that best fit your goals, whether you are completely new to exercise or have some experience in the gym and need to push yourself more to get the results you want (slim down, improve muscle, increase endurance and more)

For men and women in Dubai who have reached a plateau in their training, Sunday will help you fix it and increase/improve your performance. 

Sunday believes that fitness and healthy living is a lifestyle. He can help you make better choices and help you improve the way you look and feel for the long term.

Using his experience Sunday will create a specific program just for you because no two clients are the same – all goals and all needs are different. 

As part of his ongoing training programs Sunday offers full support to his clients including tracking and monitoring your progress to ensure you stay on track, remain focused and stay motivated during your training and fitness journey.

How Can Sunday Help You?

Sunday is an all-round specialist in personal fitness and knows the right training tools and methods to help you reach your short and long term goals. This includes:

  • Using fun and enjoyable cardio sequence like boxing, basketball and tennis drills to mention a little I can help increase your cardio vascular strength while burning fat also.
  • Build that strength you desire using dynamic exercises to help you progress without injuries.
  • Help build that muscle size and shape you desire to see when you look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Working out can be boring, but PT Sunday can help make your training effective and enjoyable.
  • Help build your confidence in the gym as we all know the gym can be intimidating.
  • Sunday will help avoid injuries due to bad techniques and poor training.
  • Keeping you both accountable and setting visible short term goals Sunday can help you maintain consistency in the fitness journey.
  • Sunday can help with easy and enjoyable boxing drills which assist in de-stressing and keeping your mind active and sharp.

Promotions & Packages

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Sunday's Training Qualifications

L3 in planning and delivering personal training
CPR & AED,Basic first aid
Box and Burn
Clean Health (Nutrition) Certificate

Contact Sunday Olaleye

You can contact Sunday with questions or for PT booking details by clicking on the Telephone or WhatsApp icons below. 

Alternatively, please use the contact form below and Sunday will be in touch as soon as possible.

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This depends on your goals. Contact Sunday for free, no obligation advice

Basic nutrition and healthy eating advice can be provided as part of your training package in Dubai. 

No special training equipment is required. 

There are various locations were you can train including your home, your building gym, your community and gym and outdoors.

Additional Information

Sunday uses a variety of exercise methods depending on your fitness and lifestyle goals, this includes:

Kick boxing/ boxing for fitness, strength training, muscle building, fat loss, endurance training, general fitness, improved form, injury recovery, improved flexibility, children fitness and bootcamp, bootcamp for adults, nutrition advice, online coaching.

There is a diverse range of training kit that can be used, including:

Free weights, machines, outdoor friendly equipment ( medicine ball, battle rope, skipping rope, kettle bells, step boards), boxing gloves and mitts.

Sunday's Reviews & Success Stories

Success Story

Sunday is very skilled personal trainer. His approach is unique as he uses a range of dynamic exercises to keep the workouts fun and engaging. Sunday is a great listener and always reviewed my fitness plan frequently to make sure that is was still effective and that I was happy with the exercises and my results. My strength and boxing techniques significantly improved while working with Sunday. I would highly recommend people of all ages to work with Sunday as he is well experienced and knows how to get you the results you want.
Kayah Dacosta

The Best !

Sunday is result oriented and focussed.He is very knowledgeable and adaptive to his client's needs.Friendly but firm ,he takes times to understand your lifestyle and acts accordingly .The best thing about him is that he is very accountable and does not give up on you even if you do.Not to mention the daily weekly and monthly targets,check ins and diet advices.He makes every session fun and challenging and always has time for your questions .Since I started my training with him, I see a lot of improvement in my fitness level,stability and core .Punctual ,reliable and always exicted to train with a well customized exercise plan .I would highly recomme d Sunday to anyone who is looking to start or improve their fitness journey.


Sunday is a gymoholic, I couldn’t have asked for a better PT. He really did push me into reaching my goal and he will never stop until you are fully satisfied. Sunday hears you out and implements whatever you have told him into a plan. Honestly he really is the full package.
Client from Dubai

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