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Expert Fitness Prgrams For Ladies In Abu Dhabi Including Weight Loss, Pilates, Yoga, Good Nutrition & Combating Menopausal Issues

Alessandra is a professional female fitness coach in Abu Dhabi who can provide specialist coaching services to ladies of all ages and fitness levels. Pilates, weight training, specialist menopausal programs, posture correction and more.

Alessandra - Personal Trainer for ladies in Abu Dhabi


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

About Abu Dhabi Coach Alessandra

If you are looking for a female Personal Trainer or Pilates Coach in Abu Dhabi, Alessandra can provide you with well-structured Fitness or Pilates Lessons from beginners to advanced.

Alessandra, mother of 2 girls, an Italian entrepreneur who arrived in Abu Dhabi 9 years ago, has always been a sporty woman. Already a scuba diver, cyclist, amateur marathoner, in love with outdoor sports and challenges, since many years, she has been passionate about athletic training for running and long distance runs, female fitness and women’s health.

For this reason, she began a course of studies and started working in the fitness sector with the aim of educating women to a healthy lifestyle, to take care of their body and their health in order to counteract the poor nutritional habits and the bad postural habits we are subjected to nowadays, as well as helping them to counteract the symptoms of the menopause syndrome.

Alessandra is also a Hypopressive Workout Instructor: core stability – back pain -posture – pelvic floor health and rehabilitation during pre/post natal and menopause.

Alessandra’s motto is “get up from the sofa and get out of your comfort zone, choose fitness for a healthier lifestyle”. This is the only way of life that she conceives.

How Can Alessandra Help You?

Alessandra, thanks to her experience in athletic training aimed at running and a technique called Run Walk Run, can initiate anyone, as long as they are in good health, who wants to discover the beauty and benefits of amateur running by making them reach unexpected goals (5km – 10km – half marathon – full marathon).

Furthermore Alessandra, through posture education and re-education techniques based on posture workout, breathing, mental training, pilates and hypopressive workout (a type of technique meant for activating the involuntary fibers within the pelvic floor), can guide a person through a path of rehabilitation of the posture and female pelvic floor.


Promotions & Packages

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Alessandra's Training Qualifications

Fitness Instructor : functional training (approved by REPs - UAE)
Instructor in Athletics: running - nutrition in sport (certified by CONI - Italian Olympic committee)
Female Fitness Instructor : menopausal - body toning (certified by CONI - Italian Olympic committee)
Fitness Instructor for Weight and Fat Loss (certified by CONI - Italian Olympic committee)
Mat Pilates Instructor (certified by CONI - Italian Olympic committee)
Hypopressive Workout Instructor: core stability - back pain -posture - pelvic floor health and rehabilitation during pre/post natal and menopause (certified by CONI - Italian Olympic committee)
Posture Instructor (certified by CONI - Italian Olympic committee): mental training and posture - breathing exercises
CPR, AED and First Aid Certification Course
UAEREPS: 10671

Contact Alessandra Cazzamali

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This depends on your fitness goals and does change from one client to another. Contact Alessandra for full information and also details about available packages and promotions.

Yes, if you would like to receive advice about diet and nutrition to accompany your personal training program this can be provided.

When training at home in Abu Dhabi no special equipment is needed.

You can train with Jen at home, in your building gym or at an Advantage Sports facility.

Additional Information

Alessandra uses a diverse range of exercise methods for her clients in Abu Dhabi, this includes:


  • Core Exercises
  • Posture Correction
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • HIIT
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Strength & Muscle Building

The kind of equipment you might need depends on what you want to achieve from your sessions and if required any fitness equipment is provided by Alessandra. If you work out in one of the Advantage Sports approved gyms they have a full range of equipment available for every exercise and training plan.

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Alessandra's Articles & Classes

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Low pressure fitness (LPF) is a revolutionary and innovative form of workout that is steadily becoming popular among women in Abu Dhabi. The unique exercise methodology is highly recommended by fitness experts and enthusiasts alike.
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