Muscle Building In The UAE – Best Sources Of Protein

You need to eat well to get good muscle gains. Protein forms a major part of this diet process but do you know what the best sources of protein are?
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Muscle Building In The UAE – What Are The Best Sources Of Protein?

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Muscle building in Dubai requires good nutrition. Protein is crucial but what are the best sources of protein?

What are the best sources of protein for muscle building?

Before considering the sources of protein, you need to make sure you are adding enough protein to your diet.

This can be calculated around 1.2g – 1.8g per kg of bodyweight depending on the individual and their training.

Once your hitting your numbers, then I would worry about the sources.

The sources should generally be of high quality- which means they are complete proteins containing all amino acids and they have a high biological value more digestible.

Quality sources come from meats such a chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, dairy protducts (whey, cottage cheese, yogurt ect) eggs, soy etc.


Diet and nutrition play a major role in muscle building and body building in Dubai.


Question: As a muscle building personal trainer can you explain why and how protein helps to build and maintain muscle.


Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and breakdown (MPB) increase when fed and fasting.

This is a daily and normal event. When you ingest a protein containing meal (an adequate dose could be around 35g for most individuals) muscle protein synthesis increases.

Then, as hours go by muscle protein breakdown occurs. To maximize muscle or maintenance, its advantageous to ingest a protein load every 4-5hours which will spike MPS.


The Best Sources Of Protein


Question: For someone looking to train to increase their muscle (but not fat weight) what are the best sources of protein and can you explain why you think they are the best?


It doesn’t matter. This isn’t a question of health or protein quality. It’s a question of energy balance which states energy in versus energy out will give rise to weight increase, decrease or maintenance.

To build muscle, you must be in a calorie surplus, so don’t try to do this whilst sitting very lean or your hard work will go to waste.


Is Meat Based Protein Best For Muscle Building?


Question: Does protein have to come from meat or are there good alternatives to meat for vegetarians interested in gaining more muscle?


It doesn’t (see list above), however it just becomes a little trickier to get complete high quality proteins when not eating it. Usually, a protein powder could help you reach adequate daily amounts for vegans/vegetarians.


What About Supplements?


Question: Many people find that additional protein supplements can help. Do you think supplements in the form of bars and shakes are also a good source of additional proteins?


Yes, fantastic for high amounts of protein and generally ease/convenience. Not always the “healthiest” (brand dependent) but that’s another topic.

I’d highly advises the use in combination with other sources. The more sources you can rotate through the better!


Top 5 Protein Tips


Question: What are your top 5 tips for getting more protein into a diet for people looking to increase muscle or for bodybuilding?


1- Consume a protein load every 4-5hours. Otherwise you may struggle to hit your daily quota.

2- Use a protein powder. Eating enough protein can sometimes be tricky without including fat and carbs.

3- Be consistent and organized in meal timings.

4- Plan protein loads around training, make it a habit.

5- Eat protein sources you enjoy! Adherence and sustainability is everything

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